Roland Deschain

28 Nisan 2007

Torque Clientless Version 2.1 is out!

Torque Clientless is a clientless tool for Silkroad Online. You may login clientlessly and control your character through the user interface and 'PM commands.'

P.S: Yes, it does look like Drew Benton's clientless, but this one is totally different except it uses Drew's handshake api.


- Server Stats: Will display information about the server's capacity and current state.
- Chat: You can chat to people through the clientless interface.
- Anti-detection methods: Some safeguards has been added to help secure your accounts, the clientless will attempt to validate the spawn opcode each run.
- Party: Will accept party invitations from a validated master. It will also automatically invite said master.
- Auto Res: Will accept any ressurection. Will also automatically revive your character if its below 10.
- Auto Academy: Will accept academy invites from a validated master.
- Updating: The clientless will now connect to Torque Server at startup to check for a new version.
- Login On Free Slot: You can set how many free slots the clientless will wait for before sending the login request.
- Str/Int: You can use your stat points through the user interface.
- Clientless to Client: Allows you to swap between clientless and client. When swapping to client, a return scroll will be used. When logged in through the client, type /clientless to return to clientless mode.
- Plugin System: This allows a third party to create plugins for the clientless. This means that they can add functionalities, without the author having to modify the source.
- Char Creator: Allows you to create characters through the clientless.

The below commands are used via PM, from a validated master. The quotes are simply used to show an argument, when using the commands do not include them.
- invite "player name" - Will invite the specified player to party. You must currently be in a party to use this. E.g. invite roland.
- leave - Will leave the party.
- trace "player name" - Will trace the specified player. If you die while tracing, upon being resurrected you will attempt to trace again. E.g. trace roland.
- untrace - Will stop tracing a player.
- move "x" "y" - Will move to the specified x/y coordinate. E.g. move 111 222.
- sit - Will toggle between the sitting/standing state.
- zerk - Will attempt to use berserk status.

Here is a screenshot:

Roland Deschain
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