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    1 Aralık 2007
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    Çin ve avrupa karakterlerden sonra sroya 3. ırk olarak İslam ekleneceğini daha önceleride duymuştuk.Silkroad islam hakkında genel bir açıklama yaptı.Orjinali ve türkçe meali aşağıdadır:


    Can you give us more insight to the types of classes and races that are in SilkRoad? They seem to run the spectrum from ancient Roman to ancient Chinese and include all the lands in between.

    Silkroad Team:
    The Chinese utilize ‘Ki’ as the foundation to the three major weapon techniques, three major combat masteries, and one healing art. The players that select the Chinese can select, in the absence of classes, any skill they want and thus create a unique character that is shaped purely by one’s own diverse choices of skills to develop. The Chinese warriors employ ‘Ki’ to maximize humanity’s potential and use this to battle.

    The Europeans emphasize “Mana” as the force within humanity and strength which is demonstrated in the distinct classes which have specialties that only they can develop, are another race. European characters can be divided into 6 distinct classes: the warrior, rogue, wizard, warlock, bard, and cleric. This is the race where if these classes complement each other in a party well they can exhibit great manifestations of power.

    The Arabians (Islamic characters) will have the ability to summon genies. The summoned genies will be able to battle and, through intensive training perform other feats of spirit magic. Islamic characters will be able to use the sword, blade, claw and the chakoRam as their weapons. The genies will be able to train in the 4 attributes of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water

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    Araplar (İslamik karakterler) cin çağırma yeteneğine sahip olacaklar. Çağırılan cinler savaşma ve büyü falan yapma yeteneğine sahip olacaklar. İslamik karakterler Kılıç-Bıçak(blade)-Pençe ve chakoram isimli siahları kullanabilecekler. Çağırılan cinler Toprak, Hava, Ateş ve Su elementlerini kullanabilecekler..

    tabikide alıntıdır sitede goremedim verildiyse silinsin