10 Mayıs 2007
SizeExplorer Pro is a powerful disk space usage analyzer.

It provides you with a complete set of tools to help you manage your disk space easily. Features include folder size, graphical charts, file distribution statistics and reports (by size, extension, type, owner, date, etc.), biggest files, network support, snapshots, file management, printing of file listing, compress into ZIP file, exports to Excel, html, xml and text files, etc.
All information provided by SizeExplorer Pro will help you manage your drives easily. You will be able to rapidly spot large files that may be useless, and you'll have a good general view of the space usage distribution on your local and network drives.
SizeExplorer Pro includes a viewer for analyzing your saved snapshot and a command-line tool for saving snapshots from the prompt or from a scheduler.

You need less features?

If you don't need these features:
Save/Load of explorations
Network support
File owner information and reports
Shell integration (Context Menu)
Manual explorations (direct UNC, drive or folder entry)
Preferred/Auto explorations (quickly explore your preferred path)
Map/Unmap network drives directly from SizeExplorer
A command line scanner/explorer to automate scanning process (sescan.exe)
SizeExplorer Viewer (SEViewer): a program to load, analyze and manage .sef files

What's new in version 3.7.6:
* Add support for multiple selection in Load of Viewer
* Fix "&" character bug in xml export

From nfo:

Unpack, Install.
Copy cracked files from /iNViSiBLE dir to app dir.
Double-click on iNViSiBLE.reg to add information to registry.



http://rapidshare.com/files/11753525/Si ... _HoCuS.rar

Rar Pass: hackhell
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