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    30 Nisan 2009
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    This thread is for Sbot and anything related.Here I will update the sbot versions(cracks too) and answer questions that I can.Below you will find a guide :

    Step 1: Download sbot cracked from one of these links:

    Step 2: Open Sbot_XX_cracked.exe(XX is for version number)
    Type in login: username: 12345678 password: 12345678
    Click login and check everything as shown in this picture,then click by the numbers 1,2 :
    - Resim Silinmiş.

    After this is done go to Settings> Choose Silkroad directory as in the picture below and find you sro directory (usually X:/Program Files/Silkroad (X as in C,D,etc...)
    - Resim Silinmiş.

    Again click save settings like in the first picture.
    After this is done you can proceed to Settings below the login and others like here :
    - Resim Silinmiş.

    Everything here should be self explaining as for the Items tab just right click and you will be able to choose what should be done with the item.

    For the scripts and training areas,you have already premade scripts for many monsters.In the Training Place tab click choose script and then you can choose your script from there(you have scripts supplied with the package).It is very important to set up the radius and tick use script coordinates,otherwise the bot will not work.When you got it all done click save settings so the bot remembers what you set up.
    - Resim Silinmiş.
    For creating your own scripts do the following:
    1.Teleport to town 2.Click start record in the Training place tab 3.Walk(ride) to your desired training place 4.Click stop record 5.Click save script in memory to file and save the file where you want so you can use it later one
    WARNING: Do not record town movement,just go to your training place directly from teleport spawn point.

    Extra info:
    How does auto alchemy work?
    Open the Extra tab there you will find Auto Alchemy,for it to work you must place the item you want to enchant into your first slot,then write the number of + you want to make in sbot and make sure you have lots of elixirs and click Start!

    Some extra programs:
    Sbot manager: http://s3cret.s3.ohost.de/SBot%20Manager/SBot%20Manager.exe ( Sorry the guide for this will not be done at this time)

    This thread will be updated at least once a week.Say thanks if it helped!

    THREAD UPDATED ON 15.05.2009

    If some1 has time to translate this into Turkish it would be nice,because I don't speak it,sry :(.
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