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    24 Ekim 2008
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    Website: http://bot-cave.net

    Latest News:

        * Thanks to fLoo and graphics for the discovery and help! 
        * All affected users have been mailed. We took special care that nobody who was on the list that we got supplied was forgotten. However if you used "SBot helper" and didn't get a mail by us, please change your Silkroad and Botaccount passwords anyway to be on the safe side!
        * See below on how to prevent keylogging and how to remove the malicious program. Please also do a full Antivirus scan! 
    Dear customers,
    we have been notified of a malicious 3rd party tool called "SBot helper" containing a keylogger. It was temporarily also linked in our forum in a thread under "General Discussion". All links to this tool have been removed.
    We were supplied with a list containing data of all affected accounts. We will notify each of the affected users by mail.
    All users that downloaded and used the tool "SBot helper" are requested to IMMEDIATELY change their Silkroad AND Botaccount password!!
    We will take legal steps against the provider of this tool.
    For the future: Never download any 3rd party tool that are not directly approved by the Admins: Shiva or Shen. Links to non-approved programs without prior asking an admin prior will result in a ban from forum to protect our customers.
    Also you should use anti-keylogging program called Keyscrambler Personal which is free and does its job very well.
    See the following pages for more information
    Delete holy-sro.exe from your folder that you created for that Holy's S-BOT Tool and delete C:\TEST\version.txt or just C:\version.txt (C drive may vary)
    This file itself isn't containing any malware code.

    SilkroadBot(SBot) history
    v1.09         29 January 2009
    - Complete rewrite of pickpet control functions
    - Added pickpet options "pick own", "pick other" (can be combined)
    - Added "Malicious Devil Skill" (can be added as buff if available)
    - Attack behaviour for all important monster categories (Champions, Giants, Party mobs, Elite, Unique) can now be defined ("No preference", "Prefer", "Avoid"). Behaviour for party mobs and champions/giants can be combined (e.g. party giants/champions prefered)
    - Added "Cast Noise before leave town"
    - Bot can now attack "Hungry blood ong", "Guardrocky", "Hungry megalopa"
    v1.08         20 January 2009
    - Update with Silkroad
    v1.07a       15 January 2009
    - Update with Silkroad
    v1.07        06 January 2009
    - Update with Silkroad
    v1.06d       30 December 2008
    - Update with Silkroad
    v1.04        23 December 2008
    - Update with Silkroad
    v1.03b       11 Decenber 2008
    - First public build

    1. Overview

    - Resim Silinmiş.

    1. This is obviously your HP/MP/XP bar.

    2. Connection / status information

    * "Botserver status" shows infos about your connection/handshake with the botserver.
    * "Silkroad server status" shows infos about the Silkroad server (connected/disconnected)
    * "Bot status" is quite handy when you are clientless to see what your char is currently up to (combined with log messages, see 8.)

    3. This is your "navigation bar". You can access almost all bot functions by clicking on one of those icons.

    4. When you purchased SBot, your login info must be entered here, followed by a click on "Login" to be able to use the bot.

    5. Infos about your character, how long you're already botting and some valueable statistics that are calculated in real time. With these you should be able to search the best trainings place (most xp/sp) for your character.

    6. Client startup / Clientless

    * "Start client!" obviously will start your Silkroad client for you and initializes the bot.
    * "Go clientless" kills your Silkroad client and switches to clientless mode. Your bot will go on clientless with whatever it did before you pressed the button (botting, stalling, ...)! Even your pickpet will still collect items as before (although it's clientsided), because the bot has taken control over it Of course all bot settings can still be applied to your char! You'll also safe a lot of CPU time and RAM if you go clientless. You can also bot as much characters as Joymax allows (currently ~25 chars/IP) parallel on ONE computer by still using only very little CPU time and RAM! Nice isn't it? All this great stuff can be activated only by clicking on this unimpressive button

    7. Login helper

    * "Enable starting of multiple clients" aka "multiclient" enables you to start several Silkroad clients parallel on one computer. This implementation can't be detected as "third party program".
    * "Automatic reconnect if server full": If you try to login to a full server, you won't be booted from the server anymore. Enter your login info ONCE and you will be continously prompted for images codes until you're finally logged in! No restarting of client, no pressing of "connect" buttons anymore, just lean back and enjoy (well, and enter imagecodes

    8. This is the diary of the bot! If client is started it will show minimal information about what's going on. If you're clientless, it will be more verbose!

    *a. The "Save settings" button. If you change ANYTHING alwayspress this button afterwards to make sure your change will be safed and activated!

    *b. "Hide client" does just what it says.

    *c. With these buttons you can start and completely halt the bot. If you're in town, make sure your char is near the spawnpoint, since the bot will always start his walk from there!


    2. Settings

    - Resim Silinmiş.

    1. Here you can define what the bot should buy in town.

    2. Press "calculate costs" to get the total sum of gold that you need for your specified settings.

    3. Click, to activate speed buff in town. Highest speed buff will be autodetected and casted. Also working with Europe chars, weapon will be switched then accordingly.

    - Resim Silinmiş.

    1. Activate, if you want to use a horse to ride to your trainings place! The HP value here is also a PERCENTAGE!

    2. These pick options should be self-explanatory. However, if you check "Pick via Pet" make sure you DEACTIVATE your pick pet in the Silkroad client!! This is, so that the bot can take control over your pick pet. Only then it's assured that the pet picks ONLY the stuff, that YOU defined in your item settings. (see II.4)

    3. Your bot will go back to town, if any of the checked options apply!

    - Resim Silinmiş.

    1. If checked, the bot tries to avoid attacking mobs, that are already attacked by another player.

    2. Define, under which conditions your bot shall activate berzerk mode!



    - Resim Silinmiş.

    1. This list contains all the skills of your character.

    2. Here you can define which skills you want to use with your bot (buffs skills + attack skills).

    3. Choose imbue.

    4. Checkboxes

    * "Skill iterate": iterates through your skill list instead of using always the first available.
    * "Use speed drugs": activates the usage of speed drugs (bot can be set to buy speed drugs in town, see above)

    5. Define the position of your switch wepon in inventory here! "1" is the first left position, ..., "4" the 4th position in first row.

    6. If you have a Europe character, you can define your switch buffs here. Weapon switch is completely FAIL-SAFE with SBot. A lot of checks make sure, that the bot always holds the right weapons and dosen't mix them up ^^



    - Resim Silinmiş.

    1. Choose the category of items you wish to see and edit.

    - Resim Silinmiş.

    1. In this box you see item attributes and your pickup settings (pickup yourself, via pickpet, sell or store).

    2. Right clicking on one or a multiple selection of items gives access to all pickup options!


    Training Place

    - Resim Silinmiş.

    1. Coordinates of your training middle point and radius. Press the button to get current coordinates and to switch from usage of training script coordinatescurrent

    2. Currently active training method: usage of current coordinates (bot won't go back to trainplace) or script coordinates (bot will use script waypoints to go back to trainplace)

    3. Choose premade or own scripts, so that the bot can walk back to its trainings place

    4. Record your own walk scripts to your desired trainings place! Hint: Start recording always from spawn point in your town! If you arrived at your train place, press stop and save the script to a file. You can load and use it then by clicking on "choose script" and selecting it (see 3.)to coordinates. Note that the bot needs a script to go back to the trainings place! (Navigation graphs/meshes are still in the making


    Chat and Unique Spawns

    - Resim Silinmiş.

    1. Click on this item, to open the Chat block window. Here you can edit the list of people you want to block from chat. Note the "Autoblock goldspammers" checkbox

    2. Chat messages of any type will be displayed here in the corresponding tabs. Note the "*" if there's a new message in a currently not opened tab! Via "Settings->Chat settings" you can compile all message types that you want to see parallel in the same window.

    3. Type your messages here, followed by a "return". Choose chat type and use the "PM" field to define the person you want to whisper to privately.



    - Resim Silinmiş.

    1. Check these boxes, if you want to auto accept party requests or invite others to your party. You can define lists of people, that you want to accept party requests from or that you want to invite to your party (See these images: Invite/Accept list, AutoParty

    2. Displays information about your current party.

    3. Right-clicking on one or more party members gives you the option to

    * Kick player(s) from party if you're leader,
    * add player(s) to your party invite/accept list


    Spying on Others

    - Resim Silinmiş.

    1. Press "Refreh" button to get a tree-list of all players in your range. By expanding a "player-node" you can spy on their items


    Extra Options

    - Resim Silinmiş.

    1. Check these boxes ...

    * ... if you want to see players who think they're invisible/under stealth ;]
    * ... to switch on infinite zoom

    2. Auto alchemy. Explained in bot (see text on image). Use 50+ Elixirs on one item in a few seconds ;] ->better success rate

    3. Automatically distributes status points for you on level-up (usefull for clientless botting)

    - Resim Silinmiş.

    1. Define list of players who may resurrect you

    2. Automatically selects unique mob for you if in range! Extremely valueable option for all Unique hunters! Unclickable uniques hidden in its own spawns are PAST! ;]

    3. Check if you want to allow other players to resurrect you. Select "Apply list" if you want to apply the permission list (like for party).


    Unique Alarm

    - Resim Silinmiş.

    1. Never miss a unique again by making the bot play alarm signals if a certain unique spawns.

    2. Click open file to select a WAV file that you want to be played.

    3. Play alarm if a unique is in range!



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    Good Work :beer:

    This is fixed ^^
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    :muck: Thank you.