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28 Nisan 2007
German Symphonic Metal Band

Haggard was founded in 1991 by Asis Nasseri and originally played death metal. In 1992, they changed their musical style and started playing Symphonic Metal. They catched attention of Drakkar Entertainment in 1997 and released their first album, And Thou Shalt Trust... The Seer. Three years later, in 2000, they released Awaking The Centuries which brought them lots of fans, especially in Germany and South America. Four years later in 2004, they released the album that they dedicated to Italian scientist Galileo Galilei, Eppur Si Muove.

Haggard contained 21 members before they released the Awaking The Centuries album, now 16. They combine Classical Renaissance and middle-age music with modern doom metal. All songs are written by Asis Nasseri, the former, guitarist and vocalist of the band.

Band Members
Florian Bartl - Obua
Susanne Ehlers - Soprano
Manuela Kraller - Soprano
Fiffi Fuhrmann - Crumhorn, Tenor
Kathrin Hertz - Çello
Steffi Hertz - Viyola
Danny Klupp - Akustik gitar
Kerstin Krainer - Viyolon
Luz Marsen - Bateri
Robert Müller - Klarnet
Andi Nad - Bas Gitar
Asis Nasseri - Vokal, Gitar
Kathrin Pechlof - Harp
Sasema - Soprano
Florian Schnellinger - Bas Vokal
Hans Wolf - Piyano,Klavye
Christoph V. Zastrow - Flüt


Introduction (1992)
Progressive (1994)
Once... Upon A December´s Dawn (1995)

And Thou Shalt Trust... The Seer (1997)
Awaking the Centuries (2000)
Awaking the Gods: Live In Mexico (2001)
Eppur Si Muove (2004)
Tales Of Ithiria (2008)

In A Pale Moon's Shadow (VHS) (1998)
Awaking the Gods: Live In Mexico (DVD/VHS) (2001)

Herr Mannelig
Haggard cover of an Swedish tale. It was played by lots of bands/musicians, but the Haggard cover is the most reputable one. It is also the only song in Eppur Si Muove that doesn't contain brutal vocal. Here is a video :)

Here is the full link, in case someone might need it.
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