24 Haziran 2009
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Didn’t see a War/Lock guide here, and since I’m bored anyway, I’ve decided to make one.


Warriors have the skills to freely use a variety of weapons including one-hand, two-hand and dual axes. They can serve as reliable tankers as they also have skills to protect their team mates.
Those who have learned Warrior skills are always on the front line of the party, fighting head-on with the enemy and protecting their party members. They are committed to not retreat in a fight.

The skills

================================================== =====
"Hatred is my power and execration is my life. You will feel the real power of my curses when you are full of hatred."
There are many kinds of magic in the world, and they have developed in different shapes. Most magic uses strong force or shocks people to show their power. However, the so-called "Warlocks" are known to achieve their goals by placing curses on enemies, weakening their capability, or reducing their will to fight. Since their skill is based on Wizards' skill, they use mana, too. Wizards utilize mana to control elements of nature, whereas Warlocks utilize mana to enhance the power of hatred and thereby to reduce the power of enemies. They gradually destroy the power of enemies by placing curses, weakening, paralyzing them and putting them in chaos. They also utilize Wizard's skill to control elements of nature to directly damage enemies and make them in abnormal status. In addition, they have a skill to utilize blood to weaken enemies. They take blood from an enemy to recover their strength.


What do I wear?
- I suggest you wear Robe. Better magical defense, less MP use and more Walking speed.

Do I really need all three the Warrior weapon skills?
-Of course not, you should be fine with even one, although I recommend you take atleast to, most likely 1Handed and something else, but that's all up to you.

Using all those magical skills, will I have enough MP?
-When wearing Robe you should be fine, if not get some MP on your gear and wear vigors on you to heal MP when needed.

How do I use my Warlock skills?

-When using Warlock you can't just hit all the buttons in a random way. You need to find a good working line of using the skills. My skill bar goes like this;
Vampire Touch, Wrath Daze, Combat Ravage, Physical Ravage, Death Trap, Deep Slumber, Courage Raze, Recovery Bind => Beat him with your Warrior weapon. Oh yea, almost forgot to mention, I always have Shield Crush on my mouse key, so when they get close I can KB them.

What if I fight a player with Holy Spell?

-This is a little harder to deal with, but you can still cast Panic on him ( Wheel -/ Recovery Bind ), and stun. after that you just need to beat him with your own Warrior skills.

Isn't training without Cleric skills hard for a Warrior?
-No, it's not. When you're training you can cast the debuf's on the monster, making it weaker / less defense, than all that is left is an easy kill. You probably won't need to do this on a normal monster around the same level as you, but it's useful on Giant's and Party Monsters.

Tips 'n Tricks

*Vampire Touch and Vampire Kiss don't only steal their HP and ad it to yours, it also can put the target under ''Disease'' Status. While under Disease it's easier to cast debuffs.

*Using the combination Bloody Trap / Death trap Followed by ( Deep ) Slumber, the enemy is not able to wake up out of sleep status till the trap explodes. Normally Sleep status will be ended when the enemy is being attacked.

*Using Mirage/Phantasma you can mob little traders with party mobs or just some normal mobs. Really fun to do :P

*PvPing with Warrior/Warlock isn't just another easy build. You should practice a lot, you need to know when to use what skill etc. If you don't manage to handle this build just train yourself, I did that at level 44, when I got Bloody Trap.

*Almost all the Warrior attacks skills have a 50% damage increase when the target is on the ground.

Everything Maxed : 1,317,657 SP (Including all Warlock skills )
Every necessary Maxed : 824,840
0 Gap Level 1-> 90 : 223,009 SP

Click me to calculate SP

Well that's about everything I can come up with for the moment.
If you have any questions, suggestions, I forgot something?, please let me know :)

I would like to say thanks to hussert for all his help.
You made the thread look really good. Thanks a lot :wink1:
21 Kasım 2007
so copying and pasting from another site without writers permission... that's such a shame, btw you didn't even wrote that you quote this passage.
3 Eylül 2007
ciko1984 demiş ki:
so copying and pasting from another site without writers permission... that's such a shame, btw you didn't even wrote that you quote this passage.
i think is as well at least you can add some images...

P.S: this build is the best pwp build among european characters :wink1:
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