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[Guide]The Str Glavie

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    Pure Strength Glavie Guide

    I - Introduction
    II - Weapon and Gear
    III - Skills
    IV - SP farm or not to SP farm
    V - Player versus Player
    VI - Your pet
    VII - Using your skills

    - Resim Silinmiş.


    Point of this Guide:
    wanted to tell all you haters I won't close this guide until people
    start saying it's bad. And seriously, to all who flamed it, I don't
    care about what you think. I'm open to criticism, not flaming. Thanks
    to all who helped me improve this guide.

    Since the other
    Strength Glavie guides were marked as "outdated" I made a new one for
    the new skills, and also a more detailed one.
    So you wanna become a pure strength glavier? In this guide I'll tell you everything you need to know to become one.

    So what is a pure str glavier?

    STR bows, STR glaviers are the highest STR damage dealers among
    chinese. All stat points go into strength, you'll have massive hp and
    you will hit pretty high, as high as chinesenukes if you do a good
    critical, only criticals don't happen often unless you have a glavie
    with a good critical. If you're good, you'll never die and you can 1
    hit any mob 2 lvls lower than you with a critical. If played correctly,
    the STR glavier is quite good overall.

    Why a pure strength glavier?
    pure str glavier is a build for people who like to PvP. It can tank,
    resist nukes and sometimes even wizard nukes, and deal high criticals,
    in other words, everything you need to own at PvP. It's also very good
    at PvE because you will never die to any mob, unless you are getting
    mobbed by several grey mobs or party mobs without any potions left...

    So let's talk about the pros and cons:

    -You hit very high
    -You have alot of HP
    -You are good at PvP
    -You don't get 1 hit killed by wizards and nukes so easily.
    -Has stun and knock back

    -You use tons of mana potions
    -Until lvl 31 heuksal you don't have any ranged attack.

    II-Your weapon and gear


    -How to chose your wear:

    a strength glavier you should wear garments. They give 20% less mana
    consumption and make you run faster, since you only have one ranged
    attack (and it's at lvl 31 heuksal) it's better to run to your mob
    faster. You can wear armor until lvl 29 just don't fight yeohas at lvl
    10 and gun powders at lvl 27-28. After lvl 30 you'll find more mobs
    with magical attack so I suggest you switch to garment or protector,
    but garment is really good for this build.

    As for the stats, here is how it works:

    -Magical and physical defense power:
    The higher these stats are, the less damage you'll take from monsters.
    When buying a non-NPC garment item, I suggest you look for something
    with high magical def power and/or high physical def power.
    When you buy or repair an item, it's durability will be at its max. It
    slowly goes down when you fight mobs. The higher it is, the less you'll
    have to go to town to repair your items.
    -Parry ratio:
    This is a bit like magical and physical defense power, but it's
    luck-based. Parry ratio decreases your enemy's chances of dealing high
    damage on you. This is also very important.
    -Magical and physical reinforces: These increase magical or physical defense power a bit. Not as important but not to be ignored.

    Good blues for garments:
    -Str and int
    -Burn/zombie/cold/shock/darkness time -
    -Parry ratio
    -Magical and physical defense


    -How to chose your weapon:

    a str glavier you'll wield a glavie (lol) but if you ever find a good
    spear drop, like if a mob drops you an sos spear or 3 spear, it will
    work fine.

    For the glavie stats:

    -Magical and physical attack power:
    just like for garments, but on weapons they don't increase defense,
    they increase the highest damage you can deal. When you buy a weapon
    you should always take one that has higher attack power, unless there
    is another glavie with a bit less attack power but with a good critical
    (10 and above)
    -Durability: Same as for garment.
    -Attack rating: Increases your chances of dealing damage. In other words, the offensive parry ratio. Important.
    Very important for this build. I suggest you buy a glavie with at least
    7-10 critical. Why? Because as a pure strength glavier, when you hit a
    critical with soul spear move, you'll 1 hit kill your mob.
    -Mag and phy reinforces: Same as for garment but these are for attack, not defense.

    Good blues for glavies:

    ratio (this doesn't make you block attacks... it decreases your
    enemy's chances of blocking your attack if he has a shield)
    -Str and Int
    -Attack rating

    Example of a good 4th degree glavie I found:

    - Resim Silinmiş.

    III- Skills

    - Resim Silinmiş.

    Now this is the most important part for you... the skills you must take.

    a pure strength glavier you take heuksal as main weapon skill tree,
    fire and main force skill tree and lightning as secondary skill tree.

    This is how it should look like:

    character builder is a bit outdated. In the fire skill tree, you should
    also max out the stealth detection skill. As for lightning I don't know
    if there is a new skill that hasn't been added.
    This build talkes
    like 315k SP to be maxed at 80 cap. You can either go 4 gap all the way
    or you can farm SP if you want to go 0 gap.

    Red = Skip
    Orange = Optional
    Green = Important

    0227.jpg Now for the skills in Heuksal (heuksal skill tree maxed to 80)

    10.jpg Annhiliathing Blade Series:
    is rather useless, but you should take it when you get lvl 5 so you can
    lvl up faster at low lvls. Good when you want to do your finishing
    attack or when you don't want to use lots of mana. Get rid of it at lvl

    11.jpg Fanning Spear Series:
    you good magical defense for 15 seconds, a bit like mana skin for
    warriors. This skill makes you invincible against nukers or wizards. If
    a monster like earth taoist hits you 300, when you activate this skill
    he will be hitting 20. Very important skill in my opinion.

    12.jpg Heuksal spear series:
    is a splash skill like ghost spear. At later levels, it adds dull to
    your enemies what can be useful in PvP. The second and third book do
    outdamage soul departs. I think it's a good skill, te third book hits

    13.jpg Departs Spear series:
    is THE most important skill you have, it has stun and hits very high
    criticals. At low levels, a critical from this skill will one hit your
    mob. The third book hits twice.

    14.jpg Ghost spear attack series:
    not as powerful as soul departs but very useful when getting mobbed.
    Doesn't 1 hit kill though. It's also the best looking attack among the
    heuksal skills in my opinion. Hits 5 mobs around you. Second and third
    book have the ability to knock back.

    15.jpg Chain Spear Attacks:
    is a chain attack, what means it hits multiple times. It's good for
    PvE, specially against giants or to finish off things after a good soul
    departs, not the best skill at PvP though. I personally think you
    should get it.

    16.jpg Flying Dragon Spear:
    call it the strength nuke because it's like a nuke but as a weapon
    skill instead of a force skill... also very useful after lvl 31 heuksal
    because you'll be able to deal high damage at long range, and then
    finish off things with soul departs when they get to you.

    17.jpg Cheoslam force:
    Gives you like 100 Hp every 10 lvls. Obviously it's useful.

    0618.jpg For the Fire Skills (Fire skill tree maxed to 80):

    42.jpg Fire Force:
    This is the imbue. Max it (duh...)

    43.jpg Fire Shield:
    makes you immune to ice at higher lvls but you need a shield and you
    can't have one because the glavie is two handed. Some people carry a
    shield and quickly switch to it then take glavie again just to activate
    the skill. It can be useful in PvP though, as you will be immune to
    ice. It's getting orange instead of red for that.

    44.jpg Flame body:
    This increases your physical attack. Max it.

    45.jpg Fire Protection:
    Increases your magical defense. You'll need it... a lot.

    46.jpg Fire Wall:
    a wall of fire around you that makes you immune to magical attacks. Can
    be useful when fighting monsters such as giant earth taoists so you
    don't get mobbed by other general taoists when you're fighting the
    giant, but it won't stand for a long time. And besides, this skill is
    useless against most of the other monsters. So I don't suggest it.

    47.jpg Flame Wave series:
    Pure magical attack. It's useless because your int is low so it won't hit high.

    49.jpg Fire Combustion:
    good against rogues and for any jobs. You have two choices here: either
    you take pots to destealth opponents, or either you take this skill.
    I'd go for the pots, they work fine, this is just a waste of SP, but
    it's your choice after all.

    50.jpg Flame Devil Force:
    The passive. It increases your physical attack. Max it.

    0517.jpg The lightning skills (Lightning Tree Skill maxed to 69)
    There are only a few skills you should take so I'll only comment those you need.

    36.jpg Piercing Force:
    your magical attack, something that you don't have a lot. This combined
    with fire body greatly increases the damage you deal.

    37.jpg Wind Walk:
    Makes you run faster. You only have one ranged attack, so being able to get to them fast is important.

    39.jpg Concentration Series:
    Increases parry ratio. Means it decreases your chances of taking more damage.

    41.jpg Heaven's Force:
    Permanently increases your parry ratio.

    0418.jpg And finally, the cold skills
    aren't suggested for a pure strength build because you don't really
    need them. The cold buffs are mostly about physical defense, something
    that you already have a lot. I think you should forget about cold
    skills, but if you think you really need them, I suggest you take these:

    28.jpg Frost Guard Series:
    are wearing garments, thus you don't have as much physical defense as
    if you were wearing armor. This will give you more physical defense for
    a short amount of time.

    31.jpg Frost Nova Series:
    skills are very useful when you are getting mobbed. The first book only
    hits the enemy you selected, and will frostbite (slow down) or froze
    your enemy. The second book hits everything around you, and you don't
    need to select a monster to use this skill.

    34.jpg Cold Armor:
    Permanently increases physical defense.

    33.jpg Snow Shield:
    suggest this skill because it seems to give you great defense, I
    personally don't know much about it, but if players consider it as
    being useful, you should try it. Here is a quote from Hime_Sama:

    I'm grinding Ongs in China looking for that ring
    I'm lvl 34, and as we all know Ongs are Agro
    and when multi mobs ( 6) swarm me
    if i activate snow shield lvl 1 the Damage goes from 100-138
    to 60 which is really nice.

    IV - SP Farm or not to SP farm

    -The non-farming way:

    think you should keep heuksal at the same level as fire and lightning,
    4 or 5 levels below your characters level if you don't farm (and that
    is 4 or 5 gap).

    Now, that is the old 4 gap way to lvl up. I
    myself have my own way to make my pure strength glavier in an easier
    way without all the gap and sp farming. It's not complete yet, but so
    far here is my plan for 80 cap without much farming:

    - Resim Silinmiş.

    the beginning it may seem complicated but it's actually easy. Like at
    lvl 10, you get your two main skills to 10 (heuksal and fire) and then
    you get your character level to 15. At level 15 you get your two main
    skills to 15 and you go for character level 20, and so on, got it?

    only started lvling up lightning at lvl 30, I lvled it to 30. Now I'm
    going to character level 40 with 5 gap. When I get lvl 40 I'll have 36
    heuksal, 36 fire and 29 lightning. I'll have enough sp to max them all
    to 40 heuksal, 40 fire and 33 lightning. Then I go on as shows my gap
    planning. I think you should try it, or you can go 4 gap all the way
    but it's harder for lower lvls.

    -The SP farming way:

    It all depends on what level you want to reach. If you don't play much and only want to get all the first books, go for lvl 31:

    lvl 1 to 31 with 0 gap, you get 4325 SP, and you need 8553 SP for 31
    heuksal 31 fire and 24 lightning, thus you need to farm 4228 SP

    If you want to get to lvl 37, for full 5th degree 37 fire 37 heuksal and 33 lightning(ghost walk), you need to farm 9676 SP

    If you want to get lvl 45, for full 6th degree 45 fire 45 heuksal and 38 lightning you need to farm around 18k SP

    For lvl 57 you need to farm around 60k SP

    For lvl 69 you need to farm around 120k SP

    And finally, for lvl 80, you need around 200k SP

    you add cold skills, you'll need to farm even more (obviously...) but
    it depends on what cold level you want to get. If it's only lvl 30
    cold, add like 3-5k SP to all that. If it's around lvl 70, you can add
    like 50k SP and over.

    Good luck with farming SP, if you go for it

    V- Player versus Player

    I said before, this build can be good at PvP. You can still die, but
    generaly you will do well. If you know what you are doing, then you
    will own at PvP.

    Green = Easy to kill if you know what you are doing
    Orange = Average, depends on your skills or on luck
    Red = Hard to kill/you can die to them

    Against chinese builds:

    -Pure Strength Blader:
    them... they knock down and block your attacks. They also got almost as
    much HP as you (only because you got cheoslam force) but they also got
    more defense (shield). In theory, you can kill them, but they have more
    chances of killing you that you of killing them.

    -Pure strength bow:
    attacks are slow, you can easily stop skills such as strong bow attack
    if you manage to stun or knock back them before they attack you, if you
    don't, just keep hitting them as high as you can. They have slightly
    less Hp that you and as much defense as you. Beware though, they can
    hit pretty high as well, just not as often as you.

    -Spear Hybrids:
    hit less than nukers and have a bit more HP, but still you can 2 hit
    kill them. These builds are very good against nukers, but they are bad
    against strength pures.

    -S/S Hybrids:
    the spear hybrids but they can block your attacks and knock you down so
    be careful. They got snow shield now... and they can be very annoying
    when they block your attacks... But they can't take as much hits as you
    and don't hit as high as you.

    this is based on luck. If they attack you before you notice them, they
    can almost 1 hit kill you, but you'll often survive the first attack.
    If you hit them once they die. But they can also 1 hit kill you
    sometimes so don't under estimate them. When you activate fanning spear
    there's no way they can kill you, if you're fast enough of course.

    Against european builds:

    will be able to kill them until like level 40-50 from what I've heard,
    because at those levels they get iron skin. That skill works like
    fanning spear, it makes you hit very low damage on them, only fanning
    spear is against magical damage and iron skin is for physical damage.
    Like for the bladders, be aware of these guys.

    heard these can be hard to kill, but they can't tank. I've seen them,
    they hit quite higher than you and they can knock down, so be careful
    to not under-estimate them. And yes, they can 1 hit you with a critical
    and dagger desperate/crossbow extreme. They also got stealth and that's
    very annoying. But their attacks are slow, if they don't 1 hit you,
    you'll be able to survive and kill them, i fyou know what you're doing.

    based but won't kill you if you activate fanning spear. They wear
    garments and are pure int so you cut them out like butter. Don't be
    over confident though, they got a few tricks and they can 1 hit you if
    you are unaware.

    to kill but still pure int with garments. They don't hit as high as
    wizards and they won't 1 hit kill you, but they can steal your health,
    delay your auto potions, stun you, debuff you... lots of things that
    won't kill you at first, but that will get you killed later on.
    Warlocks are probably the most dangerous pVP builds, it's normal that
    you will lose to them often. Your only chance is to 1 hit them with
    flying dragon.

    Unless they got sacrifice they can't kill you. 'Nuff said.

    Same as for wizards, but weaker, so easier to own.

    VI- Your pet

    - Resim Silinmiş.

    They seem to hit low and be quite useless for some players, but for your they can help alot!
    Departs will sometimes fail to 1 hit kill, like when it doesn't hit a
    good critical, or when it does hit a critical but not enough to kill.
    Your pet will often hit enough to deal the finishing hit! You can also
    send him tank some aggro mob who is annoying you.
    He is also very
    usefull because he gets to mobs before you (he runs faster) and thus
    you can lure some mobs to you to avoid getting kill stolen. If he
    attacks first you will also increase your chances of 1 hit finishing
    your enemy when you get to him. I personally think pets are really
    useful for this build and shouldn't be ignored. You can also buy the
    "grab n go" pets from item mall in case you want to lvl up faster.

    VII- Using your skills in PvE and PvP

    - Resim Silinmiş.

    -Belt Settings

    those who didn't knew, when you put skills into your belt (the thing
    with all the skills shown in the picture) you can activate those skills
    by pressing 1-0 keys in your keyboard. In this case, if I press 1, I'll
    activate chain spear tiger. The square with the M, in this case the one
    that has the fire imbue, can be activated by pressing your mouse wheel.

    think you should try this. use your keyboard keys instead of point
    & click. A lot of people still do point & click, when using
    your keyboard and mouse wheel is way faster and more efficient, you
    just need to get used to it then it's really easy.

    Now let's talk about using those skills:

    -In PvE

    Level 1 - 5: You don't have any skills. Simply attack mobs.

    Level 5 - 10:
    Now you got two new skills, the first in anhilhiating skills and also
    dancing demon spear, ignoring fanning spear and the imbue. Try to use
    them only if you're in danger to save more pots. Use the fire imbue
    alone more often.

    Level 10 - 15:
    At lvl 14 you'll get your favorite skill: soul spear move! This skill
    is the one that deals massive damage, but also takes way more mana than
    the two other skills you've got. Use with caution at these levels
    these levels you should do: Click monster -> Click the key in your
    keyboard to activate dancing demon spear -> Click your mouse wheel
    button to activate fire imbue

    Level 15 - 20:
    Here you get another cool skill, ghost spear petal. It's the one in
    that screenie above the skill guide, making all those fire rings around
    At these levels you should do: Click monster -> Activate dancing demon/soul spear -> activate imbue

    Level 20 - 30: Yet another cool skill, chain spear tiger. It hits three times, the third time being more powerful that the others.
    At these levels you should do: Click monster -> soul spear/chain spear -> fire imbue

    Level 30 - 40: This will get you flying dragon series, and the second soul departs move, which is a 2 chain attack.
    At this levels you should do: Click monster -> Flying dragon flow/soul departs 1st or 2nd book -> fire imbue

    Level 40 - 80:
    In these levels nothing special will happen. You'll get more books of
    the skills you already have, but nothing more than that. At these
    levels you will keep doing the same skills.

    -In PvP

    only thing I can tell you here is to always start with soul departs.
    It's great for a good beginning, specially when you stun your opponent.
    Then use your intelligence (not your characters intelligence in game
    duh in real life) then you can finish him of with a chain attack. If
    you're fighting players who don't have ranged attack there is a good
    thing to do:
    Soul Departs -> Ghost spear Prince -> Flying Dragon Flow

    works this way: Sould Departs stuns your enemy. Ghost Spear Prince
    knocks him back, flying dragon attacks him when he's in range, remember
    knock back puts your enemy into range. with or without the stun and
    knockback that 3 combo will deal massive damage.

    -Other tips:
    1-When grinding always take more mana potions that Hp potions.
    2-Always use fanning spear in any PvP combat against chinese: even strength builds need imbue to deal more damage.
    3-Always activate grass walk ,if you have it, when grinding.
    4-When grinding avoid str bows and other ranged builds... you don't range and you'll most likely get KSed.
    fight mobs like 2 levels below your character's level, otherwise the
    one hit critical with soul departs won't always work... the mob will
    have like 10-50 hp left. Well your pet is gonna finish him off so it's
    almost the same.
    6-Don't bot :buddha:

    Good luck and have fun with your all-mighty strength glavier!

    Thank you for reading.

    Please leave comments and tips to help me improve this guide!

    - Resim Silinmiş.
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