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1 Mayıs 2007
The Wizard/Bard Guide
- Resim Silinmiş.
--By Guthix--


2-Why being a wizard and why taking a bard subclass?

II-Wizard/Bard Gear
1-Your Main Weapon
2-Your gear
3-Your Secondary Weapon

III-Your Skills
1-Wizard Skills
2-Bard Skills
3-Farming tips

IV-Playing your Wizard/bard
3-Player Versus Player

1-References, External Links
2-Future Updates


Because this is my beloved build, and because I want to share my knowledge, I'm writting you this wizard - bard guide.

- Resim Silinmiş.
Casting Fire Trap at CTF, back when I was at 2x


Since I'm the one writting this you might be curious enough to ask yourself who I am. To answer that, well... I'm Guthix
. I am a player from server Venus. I have played this game since the
times when only chinese existed. I always was 100% legit, for me
achieving a game without any kinds of cheats is a way to prove myself I
am a real gamer (and not a noob). Currently I am a lvl 65 wizard, and
I've been playing this build for around 6 months (had a 3 month break).
I have tried soloing, partying, PvPing, unique hunting, trading with
this build, and studied all the skills I have to use them better .

2-Why being a wizard, and why taking a bard subclass?

a wizard, you'll not turn mobs into frogs (you can go warlock for
similar skills), you'll not turn your staff into a snake, or even
travel in time. You are there to nuke .

In most MMORPG's a "nuke" is a magical skill with destructive power
(which is why they are called "nukes" - nuclear weapons, as the real
ones are also destructive). These skills are often made on the prupose
of 1 shotting an oppoent. "To nuke" means to use these skills.

are the ultimate nuking machines on SRO. Their skills are as deadly as
they are massive/powerfull looking. They have the highest D.P.S.
(damage per second, the total of damage dealt within a second) in the
game, along with warlocks, which is why they are very usefull in
parties. They also have the most powerfull AoE (Area of Effect) skills
in the game, after offering (one of the many cleric's skills).
with bard skills, they have acces to great party skills (tambours and
dances), speed and noise, and instant casting nukes. These bard skills
can be very helpfull for a wizard, for example with speed and noise you
can simply walk to your grinding spot instead of buying horses. Noise
will also prevent you from getting 1 shot by a general (party or not)
mob in your back. Overall, bard is a very good sub choice for wizard.
In this guide you'll be making what we call a full wizard/full bard.

Ok, enough Intro's, let's move on to the more interesting stuff.

II- Wizard and Bard Gear

1-Your Main Weapon

What else could it be... This is every wizard's friend, something you can't live without. A staff!

Some English grammar: The plural of "Staff" is "Staves" and not "Staffs". It's the same as a Knife and Knives.

Be smart when buying a staff. When you buy one, make sure it has (in the best case):
-High magical attack power
-High attack rating

The best blues for a staff are:
-Attack Rating
-Block Ratio (decreases the chances of your attacks of being blocked)

2-Your gear

Both wizards and bards wear robes, you don't really have the choice

You should be looking for robes with high:
-Physical defence
-Magical defence
-Parry Ratio

And the most important blues would be:
-HP bonus
-Parry Ratio

3-Your Secondary Weapon

Bards don't have drums, guitar, piano, microphone... they have a Harp. So it's your secondary weapon

shouldn't need a pimped harp. Actually if you want to use your bard
skills for PvP, having a 3 harp is enough since all you're gonna fight
with it are wizards and other ints (booming chord ftw
). Also, you won't be able to go with a lvl 1 harp all the way even if
you only use your bard skills for parties (otherwise I'd have posted a
lvl 1 harp picture instead of the 9D one ) because your mana healing depends on your weapon's magical attack power and magical reinforce.

As we will see later on in the guide, you are not supposed to get hit.
Thus, you should spend much more money on your staff than on your gear.
You can, for example, hang around with NPC gear and a 3 staff or
better if you don't have that much money. At later lvls you will need
to hang around with better clothes, with the blues I have suggested,
but you should always give priority to your staff.

III-Your Skills

Green: Needed
Orange: Optional
Red: Skip

1-Wizard Skills

skills are your main skills. You'll see yourself running around with
your staff more often than with your harp. These skills are the ones
that allow you to outdamage every other class in the game.

- Resim Silinmiş.
Casting Ice Bolt, back when I had bought my lvl 24 staff. This is one of the most answome screenshots I ever took.

So let's see what skills you'll need as a wizard.

Natural Spirit:
will not go into details on these skills as there is nothing much to
say about them. These are the skills you will need to unlock and power
up all your wizard skills. Max them all.

Force Mental:
These are the passives that make wizards even more specical. Nothing much to say about these either, max them all.
Life Control and Life Turnover
are the skills that make you hit higher than any other class in this
game, by increasing your attack power of 25% and removing 50% HP. You
should use those skills in any parties.

Wizard's standard range is 18m, it's the standard range for all the
ranged weapons. With Magic Bound, it is increased of 1m everytime you
lvl up that skill.

Earth Mentalist

Ground Charge:
skill is not very usefull. It does high damage, yes, but it has only 5m
range, which will most likely get you killed. A wizard should be at the
longest range possible when nuking. Skip this skill.

skill prevents a mob/player from moving for 10 seconds. The thing is,
if you attack the mob/player, the skill goes away. And not only that
but it has 20% chances of failing. If you have the time to cast this,
you also have the time to cast more usefull skills. Skip it.

Earth Shock:
most powerfull AoE until lvl 60, you'll need this skill in every single
party you're in. It takes a little bit longer to cast than fire/ice
nukes. Great looking skill aswell. get it.

Earth Barrier:
you extra 30% physical defence (it increases as you lvl this skill up)
for 20 seconds, and has a 60 seconds cooldown. It's great for parties,
a bit like bless spell (but this one is for physical mobs only). Get it.

Earth Rave:
Same as Ground Rave.

Mesh Root:
Same as Root.

Earth Quake:
Same as Earth Shock.

Earth Fence:
Same as Earth Barrier.

- Resim Silinmiş.
Charging up Earth Shock at lvl 64.

Cold Mentalist

Ice Bolt:
secondary nuke after Fire Bolt, until lvl 60. It does less damage than
fire bolt but it's always very usefull when fire bolt fails to 1 shot,
or to just deal damage while your other nukes cooldown. Get it.

Mana Drain:
never happened to test this skill, but I've seen people using it...
it's useless. You can just get Mana Drought at later lvls without
having to lvl this skill up.

Snow Wind:
Shock's friend. It's a mass damage AoE with a 80% chance of doing
frostbite and 20% of freezing. Another great skill. get it.

Invisible is... the best skill a wizard can have at PvP: Nothing can beat a surprise attack from long range
(unless your opponent is seriously experienced). This skill is also
very usefull for walking through the caves at lvl 50 without getting
killed. Just get it.

Frozen Spear:
improved version of Ice bolt, it does close to as much damage as fire
bolt. Now this skill is really great for PvP, I'll explain it later on
in the PvP section. Get it, max it.

Frozen Spear's animation can be cut out right after you fire it, it
will still hit 3 times and do as much damage. Also, as it hits 3 times,
and every time has 20% chances of frostbiting, it will frostbite much
more easily than ice bolt.

Mana Drought:
Mana drain much. It's actually usefull at PvP against chinese using snow shield. You can try using it at PvP, optional.

Like snow wind but with a 15 meter radius and one of the most massive looking skills in the game. Get it.

Crystal Invisible:
This version of Invisible makes your whole party invisible, but for a shorter amount of time than Invisible. It can be great aswell, get it.

- Resim Silinmiş.
Casting Frozen Spear at lvl 64.

Fire Mentalist

Fire Bolt:
Your main nuke. All the way till lvl 90. Good enough to 1 shot most people of your lvl (or higher). Get it.

Fire Trap:
this skill is optional but I suggest you take it. You won't use it very
often, you can go all the way till lvl 90 without really missing it,
but it's really usefull at jobbing and CTF. You can ,for instance, set
a fire trap in front of an entrance, sit back and wait till someone
walks in. It does more damage than fire bolt and has a very powerfull
burn status. Like I said, I suggest you get it, but it's optional. I'll
talk about it later in the PvP section.

Fire Blow:
PvP skill but it totaly owns at PvP. It's destructive ,it does more
damage than fire bolt ice bolt together. It's also great for unique
hunting. The reason why it sucks for grinding is that once you cast it,
you're stuck there for 9 seconds and if you get attacked by a mob
meanwhile, you cant escape. You're most likely dead. Get this skill
anyways, you'll need it.

This skill can also be stopped while being cast, by selecting another
target and casting another nuke. Also, it takes less time to cast than
any other wizard nuke, and it has less range.

Detects any nearby wizards (not rogues).
The problem is, it only has a 10m range(wizard range is 18 and it goes
up after lvl 40 with the passive). I find it rather useless but it's
your choice. Optional.

is the most powerfull skill a wizard can have. It outdamages fire bolt
as much as fire bolt outdamages ice bolt, and it has a 5m AoE. Don't
replace fire bolt by meteor. Fire Bolt is always your main nuke for 1
vs 1. Meteor is for parties (AoE damage). Max it.

Note: This
skill has a 10 seconds cooldown, and after you use it, your fire bolt
will also be under a 10 seconds cooldown. If you use fire bolt, meteor
will be under a 3 seconds cooldown.

Lava Trap:
Same as Fire Trap.

Salamander Blow:
Same as Fire Blow.

Sprawl Detect:
Same as detect, but it would have a party effect like crystal invisible (to be confirmed).

- Resim Silinmiş.
Fire Bolt, a screenshot from my 20's.

Lightning Mentalist

Lighting Bolt:
skill does low damage and it hits 2 mobs. It's even weaker than Ice
Bolt. But you'll have to max it, because the improved version at lvl 60
is very usefull for parties. Just max it but don't bother using it.

Lightning Shock:
skill can be really life saving sometimes. It has a 80% chance of
casting fear, which will prevent your opponent (mob or player) from
attacking you for 20 seconds.
Not to mention that the improved version has AoE. I'd say it's optional
because you can easily live without, but I strongly recommend it.

Charged Wind:
skill isn't a damage dealing skill, it's more of a life-saving skill
like lightning shock. No matter what, everytime you cast this skill it
will KB. It can't fail. It hits 5 times, each time has a 80% change of
KBing (hence why it never fails). You could leave it at lvl 1 but the
improved version is worth it, so max it.

favourite skill. Teleports you instantly anywhere you want, in a 10m
range (increases as you lvl it). I'll talk further about it later on in
the partying section.

To use teleport, just move your mouse on the place where you wana
teleport and click on the skill. This skill should have the mouse wheel
as the short key, as it makes it much more effective.

Charged Lightning:
I said before you need this in parties. Why? Because then you have 4
main AoE's (Meteor, Earth Shock, Snow Wind and Charged Lightning). If
you didn't have this, you'd have 3 AoE's, and you can't cast them all
at once: when you cast them all, you have to cast ice bolt before you
start AoEing again, simply because their cooldown is too long Get it.

Lightning Impact:
AoE version of Lightning shock. As I have said before, it pwnz0rs.

Charged Squall:
Improved version of Charged wind.

Aerial Teleport:
Same as teleport.

2-Bard Skills
are your secondary skills. But you might aswell run around with your
harp more often if you like it more: after all, you should have both
masteries maxed.

- Resim Silinmiş.
Running around with guard tambour and speed. Bard skills are also great looking.

Bards Dream
like wizards have their passives, bards also have passives to increase
their attack power and the performance of party skills. Max them all.

Battle Chord

Horror Chord:
Your first bard nuke. Instant casting, 1 target. Needed for PvP against other wizards (will explain further on), get it.

Booming Chord/Booming Wave:
skill is an AoE skill that hits 5 mobs/players around you without
having to select any target, and it's instant casting. This is your
ultimate weapon against all int builds, and also very good looking. Get

Weird Chord:
has the same AoE effect as Meteor: shots 1 mob and hits 2 other mobs in
a 5m range. Of course, it does less damage than meteor. Like horror
chord, it's instant casting. Get it.

Mana Switch:
get 50% of the damage made by the target. But this skill has got a
limit. For example, at skill lvl 7, the max amount of mana u get is
only 742. So, dont think u'll get 20k mp when your target is hitting
40k on mobs. Optional.

Music Pleasure

Moving March/Swing March:
Speed! It replaces horses and helps tanks, helps you run away from mobs, makes you run faster wherever you wanna go . It's one of the best skills ever. Get it!

Guard Tambour/Mana Tambour/Hit March/Clout March::
with dances, these are your party skills. They all look the same, and
you can't use two of them or more together. Guard is for physical
defence, mana for magical defence, and hit march/clout march for hit
ratio. Max 'em all.


Holding Calmor/Patter Calmor:
opinion on this skill is the same as for wizard's root. If you have the
time to cast this skill, you could also be casting a more usefull skill
in that time, instead. Skip it.

Cure Melody:
skill has a long cooldown and its just 1 target. Not to mention that at
lvl 90 you get a much better version that doesn't need this skill maxed
to be unlocked. Well if you want you can always use this skill instead
of pills. It's optional.

Temptation/curious Temptation:
Watching mobs fight eachother is fun but it won't get you anywhere, really. Skip.

Rave Melody:
skill turns some of your HP into MP. Not only you alrady have enough MP
but you also have low MP as a pure int. This skill is for str bards,
but not for int bards. To be skipped.

Cure Music:
The improved version of Cure Melody that you'll need. Get it.


Tuning Noise/Tuning Sound:
Damage. This skill will hit as much as it says in its describion not
matter the defence power of your opponent. Absolute damage is important
sometimes, you'll need it. Max these skills.

Mana Cycle/Mana Orbit:
is your best friend at parties. You'll use it over and over and over
again. It heals a fixed amount of MP every second during 16 seconds.
It's your main mana healing skill. Get it.

Will prevent general mobs (party or not) from attacking you. This skill is really great. It's one of the main reasons many people go bard sub, along with moving march. Get it.

Mana Wind/Mana Breeze:
skill is supposed to be used in case mana cycle doesn't heal enough MP.
The thing is, mana cycle always heals enough MP unless you're not
paying attention to the party, and this skill will also aggro mobs on you. I always did well without it, I'd say skip it.

Discord Wave:
skill is good for killing botters, but only on mobs which lvl's are
lower than this skill's lvls. On mobs of your lvl and higher (and
you'll see yourself partying mobs 11 lvls higher most of the time) it
will have the opposite effect: it will aggro on you. Up to you to see
if you wanna go kill botters or not, but not usefull for parties or
soloing. Optional.

Beautifull life
These skills are the passives for dance skills. Get them all.

Dancing Concert
dances. You will need them all, depending on what your party misses the
most, you'll chose one of the dances(you will find yourself casting
dance of magic most of the time). You can't cast 2 at the same time.

3-Farming Tips

that you know all the skills you need, you're probably asking yourself
"but how much SP is this all gonna take?" I'll answer you that question.

For the current cap (lvl 90), you will need around 760k SP (excluding the optional skills, except fire trap)

this means you have some farming to do. For me, I am playing only with
the essential partying skills until lvl 70, so I can keep a low gap. I
haven't farmed most of my bard skills yet, and I still miss some wizard
skills. I will farm all the SP I will need at lvl 79.
But that's me. If you prefer you can also farm all the SP you need at lower lvls, like many people do.

Anyways, if you want to do like me and farm at higher lvls, here are the skills you could skip before you start farming:
-Fire Blow/Salamander Blow
-Fire Trap/Lava trap
-Charged Wind (leave at lvl 1)
-Lightning Bolt/Chain Lightning
-Only take speed, noise, mana cycle, tambours and dances as a bard (for parties)

It will make gapping easier for you without decreasing your grinding/PvPing performance too much

For gapping plans and other SP information you might need, check out [url=][/url]

IV-Playing your Wizard/Bard

- Resim Silinmiş.
Casting Meteor while in a Guards Party


tho a wizard is very fragile and will get killed very easily by
champions or giants, you still have the ability to solo grind very

1.1-Getting Ready

Ok so you are in town and you're about to go solo. What will you need?

of all, wizards will naturally use more mana potions than HP potions.
This might seem logical. On your autopotions menu, you should put HP
potions to 80% and MP to around 50%. Why HP at 80%? Because If you get
hit your HP will probably go down to less than 50% if not to 0%. If it
goes down to 50% and you have your HP autopot set to 40%, you won't
take a potion and the next hit will kill you.

Note: When I talk about getting hit, it's supposed to be something rare, an accident. You are NOT supposed to get hit under any circumstances keep the longest range possible from your mobs.

Secondly, you will need buffs. This is where your bard sub shines: turn up speed (moving march) and noise, along with life control
(or life turnover). I know many people prefer to play without LC, to
avoid getting 1 shot, but you aren't supposed to get hit. If you get
hit that often it means you need to pay more attention.

1.2-Skills you'll need the most:
-Fire Bolt
-Ice Bolt/Frozen Spear
-Life Control
-Moving March

you 2 hit your mob, then cast Ice Bolt/Frozen Spear first. It has a
chance of frostbiting and even freezing. You'll find it annoying that
fire olt can 1 shot mobs than Ice Bolt can't, until lvl 60, so the best
choice is mobs you can 2 shot.

And you also have your three life-saving skills:
-Charged Wind
-Lightning Shock

teleport if you get attacked by a mob to run away. It's way more
effective than just running away. Charged wind can also work right
before a teleport if you accidentaly aggroed many mobs on you.
Lightning shock is most usefull on champions if you want to kill them.

Well, theres nothing much left to say about soloing, I'll just give you some extra tips:

-Take the longest range possible when nuking a mob.
try killing a giant. yes, a wizard bard can kill a giant, but you gotta
get lucky and skilled. One critical and you're down. Better just avoid
them and keep getting exp than to try them and get owned.
-Grind on mobs you can 1-2 shot, and if they're aggro make sure you got the good noise lvl for them.
fire bolt and ice bolt/frozen spear only. I know meteoring mobs or
earth shocking them is fun but meteor gives you that 10 second cool
down and mass AoE's will most likely aggro mobs on you.
-If you
really insist on taking down champions then you can try starting with
lightning shock to give them fear. That way you don't get hit. If it
fails, teleport away.
-Just don't use any AoE skills unless it's really necessary


2.1-With your Wizard Mastery

this is one of the most interesting parts of being a wizard. You have
an important role in the party, and I'll explain you what you are
supposed to do.

2.1.1Role in the party:

Your role in a party is to deal damage.
Clerics, bards and Warlocks are there to help you deal even more
damage. You should only attack mobs if you are sure they are taunted by
the warrior. Don't tank a mob. Like at soloing you should not get hit.
Tanks are there for that. The surviving tips for soloing work for
partying aswell.

You will happen to have a wizard of your party getting attacked, or a
bard or cleric. Don't try to save them, it's the warrior's job. You'll
just get yourself killed after the mob kills the other player.

2.1.2-The attacking skills (on a lure):
-Earth Shock
-Snow Wind
-Chain Lightning

If you are attacking a single mob (party giant without any lures around in most cases), then just use fire bolt and ice bolt/frozen spear.

And of course, make sure you keep spamming Earth Barrier, specially when the tank brings big lures (and not while everyone is waiting for the tank to come back).

2.1.3-Your position in a party:

is also important because it will save you from getting killed most of
the times. You should stay at the longest range possible from the lured
mobs (which are being tanked by the warrior) and if possible, stand
where the bard is standing. Clerics tend to stay between both you and
the warrior. This is the typical party set. Here's a picture of what it
looks like:

- Resim Silinmiş.

2.1.4-If under attack...

you get attacked by a mob by accident, teleport away and run by the
lure so the tank can just taunt it. Don't try to fight back because
either you get killed, or either the tank tries to save you, leaving
his lure behind which will get out of control, and you get the whole
party killed.
Also you should stick in that place near the bard,
with the other wizards from the party. Running around and killing
normal mobs can be fun when you get bored but theres something called party aggro which will most likely get you killed.

2.1.5-Other Tips:
-Cast your AoE's on party mobs. Don't bother attacking non-party mobs (including champions).
WILL die sometimes. It's natural that a warrior forgets to recast
taunt/gets killed and has the mobs running towards you. You are not
perfect, you'll also happen to attack un-taunted mobs thinking they are
taunted. Like I said, a wizard is fragile and dies easily.

- Resim Silinmiş.
Surviving thanks to Invisible

2.2-With your Bard Mastery

job as a bard is very easy. All you have to do is cast mana cycle on
people most of the time. You should give priority to clerics when doing
so. If you have chosen to take mana wind, be carefull with it: it
aggroes mobs on you.

2.2.1-Party Buffs:

for the party buffs, if you are the only bard, you'll have to cast a
tambour: either guard or mana tambour. Hit March if there's a high lvl
player helping you in the party. With a second bard, you will cast your
tambour and a dance, whereas the second bard will cast a second
tambour/hit march. Or you can be the one casting a tambour only and the
second bard casting both tambour and dances. But make sure you cast
them in the right order:

First bard casts the tambour -> Second bard casts the dance -> Second bard casts the second tambour

Bards organisation:

You should also get organised with your second bard for mana cycle.
In a 8 player party, chose 3 people you will mana cycle, and have your
second bard chosing his other 3 players. It makes things a lot easier.

2.2.2-Other Tips:
-You should not attack mobs. You're a support build.
Only if you want to finish off a mob that a wizard couldn't 1 shot,
then you can use one of your bard nukes. Otherwise, concentrate on
people's MP.
-You can always use teleport while barding.
-Don't run after the tanker.
-Don't bother mana cycling the other bard and don't forget to mana cycle yourself.

3-Player Versus Player

our build, the rule at PvP is very simple: 1 shot or get 1 shot. But
there are tricks and tips to kill every other build. Wizards are the
most powerfull killing machines at massive group PvP, no one will ever
kill more players than you. But you're most likely gonna beat everyone
at dieing aswell: you're everyone's n°1 target.

3.1-The main PvP skills:

Frozen Spear:
is the skill you'll be using against int/hybrid int builds with a
shield. Why? Because it does as much damage as fire bolt but it hits 3
times and has frostbite. Let me explain further:
For example, you
want to kill a warlock or a chinese pure int s/s. You cast fire bolt.
If he blocks your attack, then you do 0 damage on him.
Cast Fire Bolt = Blocked = 0 damage = you get owned after
if you cast Frozen spear, even if your warlock/chinese pure int s/s
blocks one of your hits, he will still get hit by the 2 other hits and
he will most likely die, unless eh gets lucky and blocks 2 or even the
3 of your hits. Anyways, the point is you got more chances of killing
him than with fire bolt.
Cast Frozen Spear = Blocked 5000 5000 = 10k damage = opponent killed!

The reason why you're not using Fire Blow here is that you get stuck
there for 9 seconds when int builds don't take that long to kill.
Frozen Spear works better in these cases.

Now this skill
is very handy against int/hybrid int builds carrying a shield, but not
against pure STR builds with a shield. For that, you're gonna need more
firepower: the Fire Blow.

Fire Blow:
only it takes less time to cast but it does a hell of a lot of damage.
Only one problem: unlike frozen spear, if you get killed before you
deal all the 9 hits, the rest of the hits are cancelled. Fire Blow is
the most efficient way of killing a warrior/chinese bladder (or well
you can just cast meteor and pray for it to not get blocked).

is better than a surprise attack. Specially when you can 1 shot.
Because wizards can get 1 shot, this skill gives you the chance to
attack first and therefore to not get 1 shot. Whenever you are jobbing
or PvPing, this skill is essential. Always cast it before you attack
(and don't forget to cast moving march or you'll be too slow with

Fire Trap:
a trap, go invis, sit back and watch. That's all. This skill is just
great for jobbing or CTF, you can set a trap outside a gate/on a
bridge/on a corridor/ wherever people will most likely walk in and
wait. It outdamages fire bolt, so if you wanna kill someone in a totaly
safe way, this is what you need.
You can also use it a bit like
booming chord: if someone is standing close enough to you and you dont
have time to click him, cast this skill.
It has a third utility,
against warriors mostly. You can cast a fire trap and then attack a
warrior. He will most likely sprint assault you if he survives, and he
will hit you, but he's gonna get hit by the fire trap and get killed

- Resim Silinmiş.
Fire Trap at C.T.F.

Lightning Shock:
you have to 3 shot someone in order to kill him, since in that time
he's gonna kill you, better just cast this skill and get 80% chances of

Booming Chord, Horror Chord, Weird Chord:
These skills are extremely
efficient on wizards, aswell as on other pure ints. Specially booming
chord, fastest casting nuke in the game with AoE and no need to select
the target. These skills own other ints in 1 shot because of theirinstant casting. You should always use them on wizards.

When using your bard skills for PvP, don't forget you have your
tambours to give you extra defence, or hit march for a chance of
hitting higher. Use them.

Fire Bolt and Meteor:
chinese glaviers, bows and against rogues, these two are your best
skills. Purely high damage. A chinese glavier has a lot of HP, enough
to resist fire bolt, but not meteor. These two kills are your main
damage dealing nukes everywhere, so don't forget about them.

Earth Shock and Snow Wind:
the skills you're gonna use at mass group PvP (fortress wars). These
are the skills that allow you to get that massive number of kills,
along with meteor and chain lightning.

3.2-Your Survivability:

sometimes get owned at 1 vs 1 even with all those tricks I thaught you.
It's natural that a wizard gets killed easily, you're public enemy n°1,
remember? It's simply because you get 1 shot by everyone else and
because your skills take longer to cast. But don't be disapointed:
remember that at group PvP no one gets more kills than you if you play
correctly. At Fortress Wars, guilds depend on wizards to get their
kills. At CTF you will get a lot of tickets. Remember, you can 1 shot
everyone, everyone can 1 shot you. Play smart and you'll be the best.


1-References and External Links

Bards Explained: Check out Guardia's bard guide for further reading about bard skills.
Nivlam: For everything else you might need to know about SP and gear, check out this website.

2-Update log

- Guide posted with the three first sections.
- Added bard skills and the IV section (Playing your wizard/bard).
- New notes, corrected the guide, added extra informations.
- New screenshots

- Added tips, and the last section V- Miscellanious

3-Future Updates:

-Videos to be added.
-More References and External Links to be added.
-100 cap update.


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