8 Şubat 2008

Some short informations ;

- New Blues and stones added. Critical , Stun Resist , HP MP Recovery , Block rate blues added.
-Dress unique added. Spawn only unique events.
-New rooms added. Pvp Event Room and Event Room.
-Constantinople map updated to 1 weeks.
-New scroll's added in Special NPC.
-9 Deggre Sun weapons added to New Weapon NPC.
-Alchemy rate 1.5x
-Sox rate is 1.5x.
-Unique sox rates is 2x.
- Phoenix Dress added.
-Gold Coin drops updated.
-Unique sox drop rate is 2x.
- Mbot purification pill bug fixed.
- New unique Zeus , Odin , Tortoise added. New uniques sox drop rate is 2x
- Unique drops vigor potion.
- Unique times now 20-40 Minutes.
- All Uniques added new spawn slots. Example = Uruchi appears Oasis.
- Job rate and Merchant rate increased.
- Blessed elixirs deleted from game.
- New elixir drop is uniques. New Elixir's rate 1.8x.
- Monster's spawn increased.
- Event's give dresses and silk items only week.
- New stack's added. Pot's 250. Arrow 1000 , Elixir's 100 , Tablet and stones 50.
- Academy system disabled.
- New glow system only 11-17.
- Updates every week.
- Roc Mountain added 85-87 new slots.
- Samarkand map has been set as Unique Map.
- Old and New avatars have been separated. So olds are placed in Old Avatars , New avatars are placed in New Avatars.
- Medusa's level and damage have been decreased and was put at Unique Area.
- Magic pop was removed.
- Vigor Grain was removed.
- All european items were deleted at drops and npcs.
- 10 deggre drops removed.
- Sox rates have been increased.Only 1.5x
- Every item that are not necessary in item mall was deleted . (such as 1 day ticket)
- Special Items can be bought by coins that are dropped killing uniques.
- Unique Scrolls have been added and put to item mall.
- Mount pets have been added (pets that run speed )
- We ' ve trade coins for thiefs ( as 1b-2b)
- There are some avatars that can be bought using coin.
- Immortal - Astral can be bought using coin.
- 3-6-12 monthly pet extensions have been added.
- %150 speed has been added and put to item mall.
- New 2 rank have been added.(Unique King and PVP king) . Pvp King , will be given to one that wins pvp event which will be each week.
Unique King , will be given five ones that kill uniques the most.
- All unique skills have been edited.
- All unique debuff ratios have been decreased.
- Debuff has added to some unique.
- Debuff levels fixed to 8-9 level.
- As I said before , Coin is dropped according to all unique's levels.
- Drop uniques for 85-90 Items.

~~~~Download and Website~~~~

Website :

Full Client(Alternative): Sentinus Full Client.rar
Media : Sentinus Media.rar

~~~~Server Info~~~~

Exp Rate: 70x
Sp Rate: 70x
Drop Rate: 30x
Sox Rate: 1.5x
Alchemy : 1.5x

Level Cap: 90
Skills Cap: 90
Mastery Cap: 300
Guild&Union Emblems: Working
Maps - Region : European maps disabled.
Race: Only Chinese
Fortress War: On - Only Sundays.
Capture The Flag: Off
Battle Arena: Off
Magic Pop: Off
Server Capacity: 1500 slots
Status: 24/7
GMs: Friendly,always answer your questions.
Traffic: Easy
Version: Vsro(old files) 1.205
Port: 15779
Auto-Potion: Included
Bot: Allowed


Roc Mountain
Samarkand [Unique Map 1]
Constantinople [Unique Map 2] Added 1 weeks.



- Every day: 10:00 - 16:00

[*]War period:

- Sunday: 16:00 - 18:00

[*]Tax period:

- Sunday: 18:35 - 00:00

~~~~New Item Mall Items~~~~

~~~~Start Items ~~~~

~~~~New Uniques ~~~~

~~~~New Blue System 9Degree~~~~

~~~~Coin System [Sun Weapon's- Scrool's - New NPC]~~~~

~~~~New Reverse Region~~~~

~~~~Skill Table 90Cap Max~~~~

Have fun.
Yukarı Alt