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Curst Heart Quest

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    1 Mayıs 2007
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    Resuscitation potion quest:

    Talk to an herbalist and select the 'Withdraw Skill' option. The next part of the conversation should have two options:

    1. Resuscitation potion quest

    2. ????

    The second option may be displayed in Korean, as ?'s, or as
    'random' letters and junk. When first starting this quest, ignore the
    second option here, as it is used to open up the 'de-level' menu for
    resetting skills.

    Now collect 10 (or more) of item 'Curst Heart'. This quest item can
    drop from ANY mob you fight, although it seems to be a rather rare
    drop. You can collect up to 300 maximum at one time. This quest will
    NOT block quest item drops from other quests, I have had a 'Curst
    Heart' drop at the same time as another quest item drop, from the same


    When ready to reset skill(s), bring 'Curst Heart' quest items to
    herbalist and go back through the conversation path used to start the
    quest to create your potions. When you request that the herbalist
    create potions (meaning, finishing the quest), he will turn as many
    'Curst Heart' into potions as possible, so if you do not have even
    count of 10 (10,20,30,etc) you will have a few left over. Each potion
    created consumes 10 'Curst Heart' quest items. Creating a potion does
    NOT cost any gold. You can carry a maximum of 30 of these potions (not
    sure about multiple stacks, I've only ever had one or two at most.)


    After you have created a potion, you will no longer be able to get
    'Curst Heart' drops (as far as I can tell). If you want to be able to
    resume collecting hearts, you will have to go back through the correct
    'starting quest' conversation path with an herbalist again.

    Once you have 'Resuscitation Potion' items, you again talk to any
    herbalist, choose the skill reset quest conversation path, and choose
    the KOREAN option in the conversation. This option will be very
    obvious. If you have Korean set as your default Windows Non-Unicode
    language, the option will be in Korean characters, if not, it will look
    like gibberish. In either case, this option will open up a new window.
    This window will look very similar to your normal 'skill up' menu, and
    works very similar too.


    Select the skill you want to de-level by clicking on the red 'DN'
    icon under it. A new window will pop up asking you to select the
    desired level to reset the skill to. Use the Up/Down arrows next to the
    skill level to select the level you wish. If you want to drop a skill
    more than one level, you will need ONE POTION FOR EVERY LEVEL YOU WANT
    TO DROP. This means you need to collect (Number of levels to remove *
    10) 'Curst Heart' quest items.


    WARNING!! This is a VERY expensive path. Going from level 2 to
    level 1 in a skill costs over 16,000 gold, and going from level 3 to
    level 2 in a skill costs over 19,000 gold, and going from level 3 to
    level 1 costs 36,000 gold!! (I have not tried skills of any higher

    When you drop a skill level, you will get back 80% of the SP used
    to originally gain that level. Before 'purchasing' your de-level, you
    will be informed of how many SP you will recieve, along with the
    required price in gold.

    Changing Mastery Level:

    To lower a mastery level, you must have NO skill leveled up that
    requires that level of mastery. You will know when you meet the
    requirement for this as a red 'Level Down' button will appear next to
    your mastery level in the 'de-level' window. After that, it's the same
    process as lowering a skill level.

    All creditz to <Belade>

    Have Fun :mrgreen:
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    thx for everythink good luck..