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    Bard's Explained

    - Resim Silinmiş.


    1. The Guide
    2. The Job
    3. The Skills
    4. The Tips & Tricks
    5. The Sub
    6. The Frequently Asked Questions
    7. The Videos
    8. The Updates


    1. The Guide

    guide is made to clear most of the confusion regarding bard's build.
    I'm lvl 80 farmed Bard in Venus. I will try my best to explain what
    made Bards important and why it is fun to be one. I will update this
    guide from time to time to answer new questions regarding the build and
    the playstyle. And for the record, this is an advance guide for Bard, I
    will not describe all the skills. I will only explain the extras that
    most people didn't know bout Bard.


    2. The Job

    Bard is all about MP,speed and damage absorbing. At lvl 80, u will get around 50%
    MP increase when Harp is equipped. Your speed with Swing March will be
    at 90%. That is the fastest speed buff in the game minus the Drug of
    Typhoon that costs around 200k for 30 minutes. Nukes skills is among
    the fastest and the cooldown is fast too. So, what is your role? What
    can you contribute? I called it The 3 elements. MP, Speed and Tambours.

    First of all, Bard is a support character.
    Get it in your mind. Dont whine about Bards not hitting much and so on.
    Bard should help others heal their MP. One will ask, "I got pots, why
    should i get a bard to heal my MP?". For all information, wizards,
    clerics and even warrior need MP to keep using / spamming their skills
    in party. And the 15 seconds pot time is not helping because they will
    use more MP than pots can heal. That is why Bard is important. To make
    the party do what they do without running out of MP. Bard is also good
    at damage support. It may not do much good in party grinding, but in
    group pvp, it will shine.

    Secondly, the speed.
    The faster your tanker move, the more mobs they can lure. More mobs
    means more kills for wizards. More kills means more exp/sxp. And to
    have speed for all is a great thing when you are in pvp / guild war /
    fortress war / jobbing.

    Thirdly, tambours.
    Bard have 2 main tambours and hit march. Guard tambour, mana tambour
    and hit march. At lvl 80, Guard tambour will absorb 38% damage from
    physical attacks and mana tambour will absorb magical attacks. Hit
    march will increase your party attack rating. At lvl 80, it will
    increase it for 79. Higher attack rating will increase the overall
    damage done from you and the party. Since so many people underestimate
    the power of tambours, let me give a simple example and calculation.
    Imagine you are a wizard with 8K HP. A person come and hit you for 10K
    damage and you are dead. With tambour, it will absorb 38% of the
    damage. At the end, you will get hit for only 6.2K and you are still
    alive and able to hit that person. The same concept can be use when you
    are in a grinding party.

    Battle Bard.
    Your nukes is almost as good as chinese nukers. But the casting time is
    extremely fast. You will need 3 main nukes and 1 extra absolute damage
    skill. You will most probably 2 or 3 shots anyone without extra buffs
    or block. Nuke away when you have time in between healing mp for your
    party. Keep your tambour / dance up at all time and you will notice how
    fun it is to be a Bard. I will make a video of Bard in battle in future


    3. The Skills

    - Resim Silinmiş.

    is my current skills list. To make it easier for a new bard, just take
    all the maxed ones. I will not explain each of the skills and what they
    do. You can read the description in game and you will know. There are
    some skills I didn't maxed and I will explain why.

    Skills Not To Max and Why

    1. Mana Switch -
    This skill will absorb 50% of the damage made by the target. Dont get
    your hopes high because there is a limit. For example, Mana Switch lvl
    7, the max MP you can absorb is only 742. And it costs 1112 MP to cast.
    Sure it will continue for 20 seconds, but my Mana Cycle is enough to
    max my MP. I did lvl up the skill before but I soon realized it is not
    worth to max and I dont use the skill anymore.

    2. Holding Clamor - Useless because you will get Patter Clamor later without having this skill maxed.

    3. Temptation -
    If you like to watch mobs fighting each other for 30 seconds, then max
    it. I dont. It's fun for the first time, but worthless after that.

    4. Mana Wind -
    Good at early lvl when your mp cycle is not good enough. Can be use for
    emergency. It will aggro mobs to you. When you are higher lvl, you will
    find it not that important and the high lvl skill called Mana Breeze
    will replace it and it doesn't need Mana Wind to be maxed. Little
    advice from me, a good Bard is a Bard that got totally ignored by mobs.
    Just keep your Noise skill up and use only Mana Cycle.

    5. Rave Melody -
    Dont need it because I'm pure Int and I have a high max Mana. But, for
    a str Bard, this skill will be usefull since you have low max Mana.
    Should be use in emergency time only.

    6. Discord Wave -
    It is not always do what the description does. It will mostly do the
    opposite. Instead of decreasing aggro, it increases it. This skill is
    useful to get botters killed and I don't need it max to increase aggro
    on the target.


    Good Skills That Need To Be Maxed

    will not explain all the skills needed to be maxed but only the ones
    that people think is not worth to get but I found it otherwise.

    1. Cure Melody -
    It doesn't appear to be good at first. With relatively slow cooldown
    time and only on 1 target. I didn't include this skill for my farming
    calculation. But at lvl 90, this skill will get an upgrade called Cure
    Music and it will randomly cured one of bad status from weakening,
    limitation, curse line for all the party members.
    : This skill is not needed for Cure Music skill. So, dont max it if you
    dont have enough SP. It is still usefull when you are out of pills in

    2. Tuning Noise / Tuning Sound -
    This is a low absolute damage output skill. I didn't add this before
    but as time goes by I have learn that absolute damage is very
    important. I got it maxed now both Tuning Noise and Tuning Sound. The
    max damage from Tuning Sound is at 2661 and it will absorb 100% Mana
    depending on the damage. Since the damage is fixed, I will get 2661
    Mana when I hit a target. But it is also depend on the target's HP. If
    the target have lower HP then the damage made, I will only get Mana at
    the same amount of the target's HP. Why absolute damage is important?
    When a target is fully buffed for instance with bless, screen, fence
    quota and so on, you will be making the exact damage of 2661 regardless
    the massive buffs that the target have. And Tuning Noise is a fast cast
    skill and the cooldown is only 3 seconds. I have seen wizards made less
    than 1k damage with Meteor on a fully buffed target, where absolute
    damage skill will hit as much as the description says.

    3. Horror Chord, Weird Chord and Booming Wave -
    At this particular time in Venus. I am the only Bard that have all
    these skills maxed. People will think, "Bard attacks is useless and
    low". I dont think so. Many people have seen me PVP in groups where I
    used all these 3 skills. And I can safely say it is deadly. Horror
    Chord (single target) and Weird Chord (3 target) cooldown time is only
    3 seconds. It is among the fastest casting and cooldown skill in the
    game. I am known as the ultimate KSer in group pvp, guild war, fortress
    war because of these skills. I hit faster than anyone else. And if the
    wizard cant 1-shot a target, I will finish them off. Practice these
    skills and you will find it usefull. One more thing, Booming Wave is
    among the best/huge looking skill in the game.

    - Resim Silinmiş.
    4 max dances and Booming Wave in action

    4. Patter Clamor -
    Aoe bind skill. Most people will not get it but since there is no
    pre-requisite skill to max to get this skill, I would suggest you to
    get it. Use it when you are running from a target or to stop a running
    target. Useful in group pvp.

    5. The passives -
    Get them all. I hate to see Bard without max passives and their tambour
    / dance is down seconds after they got hit once. Max it to stop
    interrupting the party. And to have the extra range is good so you dont
    need to be so close and still keep tambour / dance up.


    SP Needed

    SP needed to get all the maxed skills at lvl 80 is 192,104


    4. The Tips and Tricks

    Dance Skill

    Dance will give your party a great buff no other build can give. The
    max number of dances your party can do is 4 with 5 bards. For example
    at lvl 80, you can give your party 34% Physical / Magical Damage
    increase, 34% increase in cleric healing and 34% decrease in mana
    consumption. Add Dancing of Wizardry with wizards with Life Turnover,
    it will turn out deadly. For example, a 20K nukes will be 26.8K nukes.
    Enough to kill most people in 1 shot. Your party will have better
    chance to get uniques kill with this dance. Use Dancing of Healing when
    you need more heals from cleric. Useful in uniques hunting and group
    pvp. Use Dancing of Fight to pleased your STR party members when they
    zerk and you can see HUGE criticals. And Dancing of Mana if the party
    already have the other dances and if you just want to afk for a
    seconds/while. This will help the INT not to cry for MP when you are

    2. How to make
    dance easy? I have seen many new Bards struggling to make dance. It
    always made me smile and wish I made a guide on how to make it easier.
    This is the easiest way to describe it.

    (a). Bard-1 = Any Tambour or Hit March
    (b). Bard-2 = Any Dance tambour or Hit March (cannot be the same as Bard-1)

    it. Your party will enjoy the great dance. Tambours and dances will
    depend on your party. Usually the highest skill lvl bard will do the
    important tambour / dance. When fighting a physical mobs, make sure you
    get the highest skill lvl bard to do the Guard Tambour. Same with when
    fighting a magical mobs, make sure your party have the highest lvl of
    Mana Tambour.

    3. Max 4
    dances. How cool is that to make a full dance party when you
    celebrating a victory or anything? How to make it? It is easy as
    a,b,c,d,e. This example will show the easiest way to do it.

    (a). Bard-1 = Guard Tambour
    (b). Bard-2 = Dancing of Fight Mana Tambour
    (c). Bard-3 = Dancing of Wizardry Hit March
    (d). Bard-4 = Dancing of Healing
    (e). Bard-5 = Dancing of Mana

    you go, a max dancing party. One thing I found out is you dont need all
    the tambours up to make more than 1 dances. 1 tambour is you only need
    to do all 4 dances. To make the fastest max dances in a party, just do
    it like this.

    (a). Bard-1 = Any Tambour or Hit March
    (b). Bard-2 = Dancing of Fight
    (c). Bard-3 = Dancing of Wizardry
    (d). Bard-4 = Dancing of Healing
    (e). Bard-5 = Dancing of Mana

    The most important thing you have to do is to keep an eye on your
    tambour if you are the first Bard. When your tambour is down, all the
    dances will go down too. Make sure you didn't get hit too much or you
    will interrupt the party flow. Know your role. If you are the initial
    tambour Bard, it is all depend on you to make the dance work.

    - Resim Silinmiş.
    Max Dances in Cave


    MP Healing

    1. To make it easier for you to do your job. re-organize your party list depending on their builds. For example, I
    will always put both of my tanks on top of the list and the most mana
    hunger member (fully farmed lvl 80 wizard) is at the bottom and the
    second mana hunger member on top of it (cleric or slower skills
    spamming wizard)
    . Use Mana Cycle on yourself first. Then start
    Mana Cycle from the bottom of the party list. I usually dont do Mana
    Cycle on the tanks because they usually dont need it. And most of the
    tanks that I know always have lags when I cast Mana Cycle on them. I
    dont know why but It sure did. To counter this, I will use Mana Breeze
    to max their MP. But only use Mana Breeze when you can take couple of
    hits because it will aggro. Make sure you Mana Cycle on yourself first
    before using Mana Breeze as it cost 5727 MP to cast. You dont want to
    ended up with no mana. It may sound easy to manage your own mana, but
    when you are in an active high lvl party on Generals, you wont have
    time to watch the action as you will be busy healing MP for your party
    members. You will concentrate mostly on your party list most of the

    2. If you found
    Bard to be boring at not challenging, try to raise your standard. Try
    to make your party members have full MP at all times. This will help
    you not to fall asleep while Barding in party. Especially in a long
    party (4 hours ).


    5. The Sub

    can use any build as your sub but my sub is Wizard. I was a pure Bard
    until lvl 4X and made Wizard as a sub to make myself more versatile in
    a party. It is all about what you want to contribute in your party.

    Why Sub?

    It is important to be able to switch role when needed. When the party
    lacks wizard, I will switch to it if there is another bard around.

    2. To solo when there is no party around or to do a quick quest.

    To powerlvl / powerparty friends or union members. No doubt wizards is
    the best at powerlvling, with 4 constant AOE's it can be the fastest
    powerlvling build in the game.

    Uniques kill. You will have higher chances to get the kill or to get
    your party the kills with wizard. More damage = more chances to get it.


    My Wizard Skill List and Skill Bars

    - Resim Silinmiş.

    - Resim Silinmiş.
    - Resim Silinmiş.

    make it easier, just get the maxed ones. You might think I have more
    wizard skills than Bard skills. It is true because wizard have more
    useful skills to maxed. For me, I want to be good at both builds that
    is why I have all the skills needed maxed. Personally I dont call
    wizard as my sub as I have both of it maxed.

    My role in a party
    is different when I switch to wizard. Bard is about the support, wizard
    is all about damage. Choose your role or let the party choose it for
    you. It is all about how you want to contribute to the party.


    SP Needed

    SP needed to get all the maxed skills for both Bard and Wizard at lvl 80 is 430,474


    6. The Frequently Asked Questions

    This part will remain open to discuss the questions people may ask in the future.

    1. Question regarding the chances of using Dancing of Healing / Mana
    phulshof wrote:
    often do you get to use dance of healing/mana? On Troy it's hard enough
    to even find a high level bard, let alone 2 or 3. I would assume that
    the other dances are preferred over these 2, so unless you get 4 or
    more bards together, dance of healing/mana would not be used. Am I
    overlooking something here?
    would say not much. Especially Dancing of Mana. You only use Dancing of
    Healing when you seriously need more healing power from the cleric and
    Dancing of Mana only when your party need it. It is rare but to have
    them available when you need it is a good thing. Venus for instance,
    most of us lvling in a party, so there's plenty of bards around even
    bard as a sub from a STR build to use the dances. And you dont need all
    high lvls to do all the dances, just a high lvl bards to do the most
    important dance and the other dances is a bonus.


    2. Opinion on STR Bard regarding survivability
    Prophet Izaach wrote:
    benefit, of course, is the tanking ability, though not as close as a
    warrior's, or simply put it: Survivability. But then again, why would
    you still worry about surviving, when you're buffed up and protected by
    both tankers and healers in a working party? Well, with survivability
    comes two notable benefits:

    • You will ease off the work
      of tankers and healers. Instead of giving you fences, the warrior can
      just give it to someone else - another pure INT damage dealer perhaps.
      The clerics need not worry about you too - well, not as much as other
      support builds.
    • Mana Wind or Mana Breeze can be used without hesitation. Even if it increases your aggro, dying from getting mobbed is lessen.
    of all, in a good funtional working party there would be 2 tanks
    (meaning 4 person can be buffed), 1 cleric, 1 Bard and 4 wizards (or it
    can be 3 wizards and another bard or 3 wizards and a warlock). Out of
    that party, the cleric and 3 of the wizards will get buffed by the
    tanks. So, it will leave 1 wizard and 1 Bard without a warrior's buffs.
    Either the wizard share the buffs from one of the tanks or just go
    without warrior's buffs and without Life Turnover.

    I need to stress this out again, a good Bard is a Bard that always get ignored by the mobs.You
    have noise skill. You have the speed. You will get ignored by mobs, you
    wont need any warrior's buffs. Bards don't need any buffs except the
    free buffs from cleric (this is optional too) to do his job. Why?
    Because we rarely get hit, if you want to use Mana Breeze or Wind, just
    move to a spot where not many mobs around. The range from that skill is
    good enough to get it to work. So tanking ability is not needed
    because in a party Bards usually become the last person standing (if
    the party got run over by mobs or cleric dced). This is from my actual

    Will STR Bards work? Yes. This is from what I saw
    everyday in Venus. We have many STR builds with Bard as a sub. They are
    doing ok in a party. The only downside is they are struggling for MP
    themselves and the MP they heal is not as good as INT Bard (even though
    the skill show weapon reflect, it actually refers to your magical
    attacks reflect). But they manage to heal most of the INTs in party. I
    have no problem having STR Bards in party as I know they can do their
    job. Just give them INT buff from cleric and they are fine. The good
    thing about STR Bard (as a sub) in Venus is they have all the good
    skills too and it is up-to-date with their current lvls. So we can
    expect high tambours, speed (they still lacking on this) and especially
    Dance of Magic. I dont know if they will get the 80 skills or not, but
    I hope they do.

    The most simple way to describe STR Bard are as follows :
    Grinding Party - Same as INT Bard but they will struggle for their own MP but still can do their job.
    • Solution = Use Rave Melody (convert HP to MP), get INT buff from cleric and always Mana Cycle on yourself first.
    Group PVP
    - You would think you can tank more with more HP but without fence /
    quota, even a STR builds will be an easy target for wizards / nukers.
    Plus you cannot do support damage to your party. It is rare to have STR
    builds to Bard in a war. But if it happen, just hope the opponent will
    ignore you and you dont get too much hit.

    Final words, STR Bard is do-able and can do their job without the bonuses (support damage, higher MP healing, higher max MP).

    - Resim Silinmiş.
    Example of Bard's survivability


    7. The Videos

    Battle Bard

    Battle Bard in Fortress War lvl 90 with Mana Orbit

    Battle Bard in Fortress War lvl 8X without Mana Orbit

    Battle Bard in Grind Party lvl 8X without Mana Orbit

    Battle Bard in Grind Party lvl 90 with Mana Orbit

    Dance Skills

    Max 4 Dances

    Thanks WanderingMarlee for the vid


    8. The Updates

    Guide Updates

    19/05/2008 - Guide released.
    01/06/2008 - Added Battle Bard in Fortress War Video (80 Cap)
    03/06/2008 - Added Video Section
    03/06/2008 - Added Battle Bard in Grind Party Video
    03/06/2008 - Edit regarding Cure Melody skill
    11/07/2008 - Added Battle Bard in Fortress War Video (90 Cap)
    21/09/2008 - Added Battle Bard in Grind Party lvl 90 with Mana Orbit Video


    Future Updates

    1. More Battle Bard / PVP Bard Video.
    2. 90 cap skills.
    3. Lvl 90 Bard playstyle
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    i wanna say somethings about bard class.
    i opened a bard cleric several days ago. let me tell the causes.

    firstly many people believe that bard gives low damage. well if you read your damage, you can think its low. actually its not that low. because bard's casting times are crazy. you can give 3 hits in 5 seconds. its almost double speed of a wizard.

    if you try to think harder, you can notice something: bard's main feature is what? ***SPEED***. moving march is a hint for it . i really want you guys to try it. bard's attacking skills are absolutely the same as "normal attacking".

    i adore fast chars. thats why i opened a bard. sub class should be cleric for good buffs and bless.
    these are what i just wanna tell.
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