Roland Deschain

28 Nisan 2007
Hi. I have been working on this 5 int 1 str hybrid guide quite long, and now it is finished. Here it comes.

Let's start with basics.
First of all, stat points should be distributed wisely. To build a good 5-1 hybrid, you should up one str every two levels.
We will arm a spear. Why? Cause with spear, we can use heuksal skills which provide stun, knockback, extremely fast combos, amazing magical defense and HP passive.
We'll wear protector, cause magical damage and physical defence are equally important fo us.
Your items, of course, should be carefully crafted. This means 100% of int, str, hp and parry ratio on your every single equipment. Since this is too hard and expensive to do, some of them might be 80%+ but not below. However; higher, better... The importancy of these will show up at 64+ levels. Also you should have +4 or better accessories, +5 or better protector, and +7 or better spear.

For questions about "Hey dude why not fire?", see below the guide :wink1:

Now the skills.

Heuksal - 90

- Resim Silinmiş.

Why use these?
The first row skills. Low damage, means waste of SP.
Well, the fanning things provides amazing magical defense.
Dancing demon is optional, but I think it's a waste of SP and time.
Soul spear series is the mother of all heuksal skills. High damage and high stun ratio makes them attractive.
Ghost spear series is the daughter of Soul spear (tell me if it wasn't funny.) Not as high as Soul spear, but high damage; and knockback. Knockback stops the spells casting or skills performing, so it's quite useful.
Combo series, means fast inflicted imbue, so should be max.
Flying dragon is nothing but waste of SP since you have better damaging nukes.
The passive. Provides health, should be max.

Cold - 90

- Resim Silinmiş.

Red-marked ones are optional, others should be max.

Why use these?
We don't need cold imbue since almost everyone has cold reduce on their accessories, status reduction skills in fire mastery-chinese and cleric mastery-european makes it almost impossible to frostbite or freeze someone. Even if you do, one pill will cure it. So we will use lightning imbue for better damage inflicted.
Cold armor series, provides physical defence, means it should be max.
The third row. Something arrest series (sorry forgot the name). Waste of SP due to the reason I have explained in cold imbue part.
Frost wall series, optional. For those who think they are fast-handed enough to use it. For me, I don't have the finger dexterity to do it :) .
Frost wave thing. Optional, but I think it's a waste of SP due to the reason I have explained in cold imbue part.
Cold nukes. Optional, since we won't have time for them during PvP. Lightning nukes provide better damage. But if you wanna use it, nobody stops you :) Again, for me, i use them cause i like the way it looks.
Snow shield. The skill that makes our build bearable. 50% damage absorbed by mana. Amazing, isn't it? Max.
Passive that provides physical defence. Should be max.

Lightning - 90

- Resim Silinmiş.

Lion shout is optional, the rest should be max.

Why use these?
Lightning imbue will be our imbue cause it has better damage than cold imbue and we won't up fire mastery, so lightning imbue is the best one we can use.
Piercing series provides high magical attack and since we have high magical balance, it should be max.
Grass-walk skills are important for grinding, so should be max.
Ghost-walk skills are important for PvP. You should be able to use it. For example, against a melee opponent, throw a nuke, use ghost-walk, throw another nuke before he/she approaches, then use soul-spear to stun. If you succeed the stun, use a combo, then ghost-spear, then ghost-walk again. If the stun doesn't succeed, then use ghost-spear then ghost-walk. This PvP style is absolutely useful against melee enemies, so Ghost-walk series should be max.
Lion shout is useful while grinding. You can use add it after a nuke. My suggestion? Up only once to kill annoying low-level monsters. You can max it, but it's a waste of SP.
Concentration series. Provides parry ratio and since parry ratio is important, should be max.
Lightning nukes. Your damage source. Max.
The passive. Provides parry ratio so should be max.

Well, the credits :) This was planned to be a translation of macrocheck's guide, but i added lots of things to it. Images are taken from his guide, the main ideas are taken from his guide too; so credits goes to macrocheck. Thanks macrocheck ^^

Also some credits should go to me, cause i have spent an hour translating and typing this, and added lots of information. My wrists aching now. :)

Please write below if you notice a mistake :wink1:

And this goes to those who say "Hey we want fire!"
Dude, Without cold, a nuker will die. No escape :) You won't have physical defence skills and YOU WON'T HAVE SNOW-SHIELD! Also without lightning, you won't have ghost-walk which makes you untouchable, and also you wont have magical damage increase, parry ratio increase and speed increase. Heuksal is perhaps the most needed mastery cause you have stun, knockback, magical defense and hp passive there. Fire only provides high-damage nukes, but these are more important for us. That's why we don't use fire.
Hope it was useful :)
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30 Nisan 2007
Thanks bro its a nice guide..This build was what i as going to make but i wasn't sure..Im definitely gonna make it now..
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