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    Well, now that I can get and update the HP offsets really simply I've decided to make a tool that automatically uses a vigor when your HP drops below a certain percent. The vigor has to be on your bar (a key 0-9) and on the current bar.

    It's a real simple script, but as far as my tests can tell it works great.

    Hotkeys/Getting started
    In-order for it to get the HP value you need to set which client you want. Simply activate the client and press and hold Ctrl + Shift + c
    In-order to set the key your vigors are on, press Ctrl + Shift + k

    Once you've done that, you're good to go, just set the vigor percent and press start



    Start / Stop the bot
    Change the weapon to your buffing weapon and back to your prim. weapon
    Can buff up to four buffs ( only buffs for yourself )
    You can select a delay by your own
    Saves your settings
    Select yourself before buffing
    Works with T-Bot and iSRO-Bot
    Works with Bard and Cleric ( only buffs thats for your char )

    Functions that will come

    Multi-Client compatibility up to many chars u want
    Add a feature to buff your party-member ( STR, INT, Shield )
    Fix some smaller bugs

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