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Vinbardia | 100 Cap | CH Only | Job and Coin Based | Silk/H

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    15 Haziran 2015
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    Hello everyone, I would like to introduce our new project, Vinbardia.
    First of all, a big thanks to Muhab, Akasch and LastThief for helping to bring this project to all of you. We made this server because we think a lot of players are not fully satisfied with all the features that some servers have, so we are here to present our idea and vision of how it should be.
    We will do atleast weekly updates on this server, not just bugfixes, but more content, yes we have some plans for the future. We didn't want to give you all the content in the start. We want you to stay intriged and interested in the gameplay, so here it is.



    Basic Information

    Cap 100

    - Chinese Only !

    Exp Rate

    - 45X


    - You will have enough.

    Drop Rate

    - Gold: 2X

    Job rates:

    - 10X


    Triggered instances

    - (Coming in further updates, we are going to ensure a stable gameplay first) You all probably know what Forgotten World is, those instances will be similar to that, only you will be going in alone and killing mobs/unique's for Coins and some silk items as drops. Quests will be added as well to make it more interesting for you all, those quests will be giving you Arena coins and/or Custom Titles.

    Coin System

    Since you will have a lot of unique's and BA, you won't be bored since you will need to attend those to be gathering the coins(a bit later the new Instances and CTF).
    Those coins will be used to buy Silk items in our special shop and Sun Equip and Accessories.

    Jobbing / Job Cave / Job Suits

    Jobbing is very important here, you will need it to get as strong as you can.

    New job suits will be added as we go along, which will be adding you some new blues that will make you stronger, but they wont be so cheap.

    Job rates have been lowered for the simple reason because our Job Rank depends on your job level.
    You will need the gold gained from jobbing, since botting for gold wont get you much, to buy sun equip, because you need a lot of gold to buy it aswell(not just arena coins).

    Job Cave

    Nerfed the strength and level for mobs/unique's in the job cave to fit D10.
    New teleport position

    SOX Items

    Seal of Star:

    Drops from mobs and unique;s level 90 - 100.

    Seal of Moon:

    Droppable aswell from mobs and uniques level 90 - 100, BUT the droprate is really lowered.

    Seal of Sun:

    Weapons: You can get sun weapon through Forgotten World talisman collection. However it's really hard, rates are lowered a lot.

    Equipment & accessories: You will have to play for Arena Coins as the prices of suns are really high, you will need to be trading/thieving/hunting to gain a lot of gold since the Job Rates are lowered, and they will cost a lot gold as well as a lot of Arena Coins, so you will have to be very active.
    Those items can be found on the Arena Item Manager located in Hotan near the teleport.

    Start Items



    - There are a lot of unique spawns, BA and CTF events, so it wont get boring so fast. And later on we will be adding automatic events(the first week shouldn't have any events at all anyway, so we aren't adding it just yet).

    Item Mall:
    Up to date item mall avatars.


    As our server is Job based/Coin based, all of the unique's drop Arena coins.

    Normal Unique's

    Available on their own spawn points. They drop 12 coins each.

    - Tiger Girl
    - Cerberus
    - Captain Ivy
    - Uruchi
    - Isyutaru
    - Lord Yarkan
    - Demon Shaitan

    Stronger Unique's

    They drop from 15 to 60 coins each. The stronger the unique, the more coins you get.

    - Anubis
    - Isis
    - Selket
    - Neith
    - Haroeris(and Eris too)
    - Seth
    - Roc
    - Death Bone(Death Roc)
    - and much more(which we will be adding)..

    Forgetten World

    Forgotten World is enabled as it is almost everywhere, but don't think you'll go 10 times to forgotten world and you got a full talisman collection, you will have to go far more times than that.

    Fortress War

    We will be having all the fortresses active after we have more players, but for now we will be having only Hotan enabled.

    - NOTICE: We will be adding a lot more scrolls and features to fortress war, but, for now i don't think it will be that there is any FW happening in the first week.


    Hotan Fortress
    Jangan Fortress (will be enabled if needed)
    Constantinople Fortress (will be enabled if needed)

    Alchemy Rate

    Alchemy will be a bit harder, but its only because we don't want players having more than +10 or +11, since it's a bit harder to limit the actual max + and all of the Advanced Elixirs are disabled.

    HWID Limit:

    You can only have 2 chars online at once. Using a proxy or having more than 2 characters online on the same PC, is forbidden.

    Gobal Cooldown & Level limit.

    Global cooldown is 60 seconds to avoid spam which can be really painful.
    Minimum level is set to 80.


    Stall Limit

    It is 500b, but i don't think that you will reach 500b ever with these Job Rates, so everything you want to sell or buy will be able to have its proper price put there.


    Botting is nowdays something not worth fighting against, so it will only bring you more EXP/SP, it won't be getting you much gold as you will be needing to play for the gold.

    Silk Scrolls

    They are added as well as a lot of other scrolls, try the server out and see.

    Vinbardia NPC's:

    There are NPC's in Hotan and Jangan, where you will be able to find a lot of scrolls and useful stuff will be added in future updates.


    Website – Some features

    - NOTICE: this is a temporary design and website, it will be changed drastically later.

    - Top Player
    - Top Job
    - Top Guild

    CH Buffs

    Permanent Chinese buffs are added.


    Will be added a bit later to give you the opportunity to vote on features and interact with other players aswell as to contact us(but for now we will be having an other form of contacting us).

    Join us!
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    neden türkçe açmıyosunuz şu konuyu ? herkes inglizce bilmiyor bro :D
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    Bu mesaj xxfrkn rumuzlu uyeden alinti yapildi
    Normalde ingilizce olan konulari onaylamiyoruz ama arkadas sanirim yabanci ve cevirme imkani bulamamis , bu yuzden onayladik.

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