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    5 Kasım 2014
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    Good News Knights,

    In few days we will change our server from Farm/PK to PK server then we have made a tough decision in order to give you better and take your KO experienced to the limit, First thing is we will make this server from
    Farm/PK to PK Server, Some items are added and some are removed due to its non usable when it is become PK Server. We have sort listed the changes
    for everyone to check:

    Zones Removed:

    * Bifrost Zone
    * Knight Castle Zone
    * Boss Land 2 Zone
    * Kahless NPC is removed

    Tempest [QUESTS]
    * removed Ring of The Felankor
    * removed Tier Weapon +10
    * removed Selfname Set +10
    * removed Selfname Weapon +10
    * removed Hellscream Weapon +10
    * removed Mythril Set +10
    * removed Dragon Fligh Set +10
    * removed Ron Set +10
    * removed Trial Set +10
    * removed Hero Part Certificate
    * removed Medal of Kahless
    * removed Hero Set Certificate
    * removed Chaos Weapon

    * Vote reward list is updated
    * 90% is free from PUS

    * CSW Belt is no longer non-tradable item and now is +3, can be upgrade to +4 and +5, on CSW win you will received +3
    * Medal of Kahless is no longer non-tradable item

    Max Points

    2016-03-13_2212 - Flegy's library
    2016-03-13_2157 - Flegy's library

    Max Points is new system for each kill you will received 1 Max Point,
    but in the future one more way to received max points is if you giving items as Hero Weapons, Valkery and New Rings
    if new player take item you will received 10 Max Points, on that way you helping new players to grow faster to be ready for PK.

    What is point of Max Points ?
    Now if you want be on top 100 you need have as much Max Points you can get. It will also giving you total rank symbols. Monthly rank will still stay with Nation Points and reward is same as before knight cash.

    Because Manner points become Max Points we changed them into Knight Cash.
    If you can kill the KING you will received 150 more NP and if you kill the War Captain you gain 100 more NP

    Be ready because Total Rank will be reset, and more free items in PUS.

    Note: More changes that we have made but only few are listed above. Soon more updates and changes will come.