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The volatile mix of the NFL, AEG, Dodger Stadium and Los Ang

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    2 Nisan 2012
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    There is also speculation the new Dodgers owners might do business with the NFL.

    AEG point man Tim Leiweke says Magic Johnson has assured him he still wants a financial stake in AEG's football project downtown.

    "Magic Johnson is 100% behind Farmers Field and is part of our group," Leiweke says, "and I speak on his behalf."

    As you know, one of Leiweke's specialties is speaking on behalf of others, most notably Philip Anschutz.

    But is Magic speaking on behalf of the Guggen-whatever and Frank McCourt, who really control the Dodger Stadium site?

    "No," Leiweke says.

    But if Magic is with AEG, then we're supposed to believe Guggen and McCourt have no interest in football.

    "People who go around saying, 'Dodger Stadium, Dodger Stadium,' here's the reality," Leiweke says. "How long did it take us to get a deal with the city of L.A.? Took us a year. We've just spent two years on an environmental impact report. And we didn't have the neighborhood they have.

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