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Summer Festival

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    Hello. This is Silkroad Online.

    "SUMMER FESTIVAL" event will be showing its appearance on August 26th, 2008.

    'Capture The Flag event'

    [Event Outline]

    Item: Members of the winning team will receive 1 event ticket and 1 Ice Trophy in their inventory as a reward.

    Announcement of Event Winner list : Until Futher Notice

    What is event ticket? : When player receive event ticket, they can enter the event by clicking the event ticket, and player will enter the event automatically. When event is over, winner will be drawn in each server. Prize will be 3 Seal Of Star, 2 Seal Of Moon, 1 Seal Of Sun.

    What is Ice Trophy? : if player collects 10 Ice Trophies, Bring 10 trophies to Carnival Manager Joo-a for a present. Item will be provided randomly.

    Present list
    Dodging Scroll, Hit Scroll, Moving Speed Scroll, Trigger Scroll, Intelligence Scroll, Strength Scroll, Very Cold Ice Flakes, Cold Ice Flakes, Frozen Ice Flakes, Very iced noodles, Iced noodles, Frozen Noodles, Mangnyang Balloon, Movoi Balloon

    [Event Procedure]

    1. When a notice regarding the match appears 10 minutes before the start of the match, players will be able to register for the event by talking to Joo-a located in each town. The match will start every 2 hours.

    2. Participants will be summoned to an arena when the match begins.

    3. Participants will be proceeding the match with other players of similar level.
    When entering the arena, participants will be wearing either red or blue exclusive outfit to easily distinguish allies from foes.

    4. The match will be proceeded for 20 minutes. Once the match begins, monsters will be summoned, and certain monster will drop a key. When the dropped key is obtained, the door to a room with the flag will automatically be opened.

    5. The team with the flag attached to their flagpole at the end of the match will win. If no team succeeds in attaching the flag to their flagpole, the match will end in a draw.

    6. When the match ends, only the winning team will remain. The team that has lost or ended in a draw will return to the town automatically.

    7. If a participant defeats a participant of the opposite team, he/she will receive 1 Ice Trophy. However, this does not apply when defeating a participant with more than 9 level difference. Bring 10 Ice Trophies to Jooa in town, and you will be able to exchange to an item.

    [Things to Note]

    1. You may only enter the arena under the following situation:
    a. You are alive in town
    b. You are not wearing a job equipment of free battle cape
    c. You do not have a stall opened
    d. You are not exchanging items
    e. You are not proceeding a movement quest(ie. A quest prohibiting you from using return scrolls and dimensional gates)

    2. There are the minimal number of participants restriction and equality restriction of number of team members. If there are number of participants less than the restricted minimal number of members indicated below, the match will not start and if there is any team that has more members, the last participant(the last registered) will not be able to participate in the event.

    Arena Level Range Monster Level Restricted Minimal Number
    A 20~35Lv Average 25Lv 2 : 2
    B 36~50Lv Average 45Lv 2 : 2
    C 51~65Lv Average 60Lv 4 : 4
    D 66~80Lv Average 75Lv 4 : 4
    E 81~90Lv Average 85Lv 4 : 4

    3. There will be 5 second delay when attaching the flag to the flagpole.

    4. If you die during the match, you will be moved to your camp after 30 seconds, and there will be no experience points penalty regarding the PK rule.

    5. In order to receive a ticket by defeating a player of the opposite team, the level difference between the enemy and you must be below 9.

    6. In order to receive a ticket after winning the match, there must be at least two empty slot in your inventory. Please make sure to empty a slot in your inventory before the end of the match.

    'Letter Event'

    [Event Procedure]

    Player will get random letter from monster, when they hunting. When player made ��SUMMER�� word from letters, Carnival Manager Vivi would exchange those letters to event prize.

    Event Prize
    20% Skill Exp Increase Scroll, Berserker Regeneration Potion, 10 HP Recovery Grain (Small), 15% Skill Exp Increase Scroll, Tepid iced noodles, MP Recovery Grain (Small), 10% Skill Exp Increase Scroll, 5 Special Return Scrolls, Vigor Recovery Grain (Small), 5% Skill Exp Increase Scroll, 20 Return Scrolls
    * Skill Exp Increase Scroll can be used with other similar Cash item with overlap.

    'EXP Event'

    During the SUMMER FESTIVAL EVENT, Player will get additional 10% more Experience points from monsters on every Friday through Sunday.

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