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    3 Ocak 2013
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    Silkroad Revelations is an legit oldschool 2007-alike Silkroad Online private server. The server is completely bot free and filled with an ever-growing English community. Unlike most other Silkroad Private Servers, Revelations has no working bot for this server. Furthermore, this means that this server is exactly like the 80/90 cap you remember from Silkroad Online Only at Silkroad Revelations, no overpowered skills and monsters, and much much more!
    The server and website is packed with unique features, and we'll keep developing more as we go!

    Some of our unique features:
    - Invite system: Get rewarded with free in-game silk for every person you invite who reaches level 50.
    - Vote system: Get rewarded with silk for voting for our server on major "top private server"-sites.
    - Best guild-system: Earn free silk to all of your guild members + a certain amount of in-game gold each week by being the guild with the best kill/death ratio in guild wars!
    - Guild-penalty remover: Tired of having to wait 3 days before you can join a new guild? No problem, you can quickly remove your penalty via our website!
    - Higher stacking options for potions, arrows, tablets and more!

    Click here to go to the Silkroad Revelations site

    -Cap 90
    -Skill Cap 90
    -Mastery Cap 300
    -Exp 20x
    -SP rate 20x
    -Party Exp Rate 30x
    -Party Sp Rate 30x
    -Item Drop Rate 30x
    -Gold Rate 10x
    -Alchemy rate 2x
    -Job Rate 80x
    -Sox drop rate 5x
    -Unique Titans
    -Fortress War
    -Loads of new avatars
    -Jangan Tomb will open soon, uniques will be nerfed (weaker).

    Starter items:

    Start Skillpoints 500.000
    Start Gold 200.000
    Speed Potions 10 pieces
    Rabbit Scroll 3 days

    Bots will not work on this server.

    ~This server has re-opened in December 30, 2012.

    Register link : http://silkroad.re/invite/7046/