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Sensitive-Online 110 CAP [ EXP 100x, Free Silk, FGW , EGY WE

  1. omega73

    omega73 rank8

    23 Ağustos 2009
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    Cap: 110
    Exp Oranı: 100x
    SP Oranı: 150x
    Drop Oranı: 25x
    İtem Satışı: Yok
    Free Silk: Var
    Serverımız Hakkında:
    What is Sensitive-Online
    Sensitive-Online is a server based on Vsro Files,Cap 110. build by a professional team of developers and a single Owner / GM / ADMIN.
    Which was built to take Silkroad to a new level,Fogotten World System is much more balanced with the new rates,
    we have reduce amount of monsters in forgotten world to 2 monsters,
    you can also start a Job as a Thief, Hunter or Trader To Get More Gold.
    Or Kill Uniques at temple to earn Gold/Silver/Copper Coins which will increase with the population,
    all these features will keep you playing and it won't get bored after some time.
    Fortress War with High Gold Reward, Vote4Silk 15Silk / 12 Hour & 1 Silk Per Online Hour and many more..

    Signature Event Rules :

    1.Your Account Have more than 50 post in elitepvpers
    2.Don't Remove Signature After Receive The Silk
    3.Minimum Time To Remove Signature is 7 Days

    General Information:
    Egy A/B Grade : Work [ Egy Weapons 102-110 Alexander Mob's DROP.. ]
    FTW : Work
    FGW : Work
    Cap: 110
    Items Gear: 11DG
    Exp Rate: 100x
    Drop Rate : 25x
    Gold Rate: 15x
    Job Rate: 200x
    Alchemy Rate: 1.5x
    Sox Rate: 1.2x
    IP Limit: 5
    Server Files: Vsro 1.188
    Mastery cap: CH 330 & EU 220
    Vote4Silk : Work

    Server Features :
    Classic Gameplay
    Global Chat Color Changed from yellow to red
    Stall Max Price is 500B
    All New Avatar
    friendly GM-Team and super-active
    Vote4Silk [ 15 Silk Per 12 Hour ]
    Daily Events For Silk Items,Sensitive Point
    1 Silk Per Hour
    All regions working
    Elixirs, Potions, and much more can be stacked to a higher amount.
    Sun +5/+7 Items in npc until 9 degree
    Working Guild/Union Icons.
    Fortress war enabled (Hotan,Jangan And Bandit ).
    Fortress War Time: 2 times per week
    Battle Arena/CTF working
    Removed Guild/Job penalty
    Forgotten World enabled
    Magic Pop Disabled
    You can teleport to Jangan cave from Jangan teleport
    you can get power by collecting Cards in Forgotten World
    Custom Glows
    High Trade Rates Pay 250M Get 1B
    Added 20% Prem & Devil S & HP / MP 4100 By Sensitive Points
    You Can Get Sensitive Points By Events Or Gift When Donate High Amount Silk
    All Old Chars Deleted Because of system Changed
    All Old Players Got 50 Sensitive Point
    Live Chat At Website
    Useful Website Features

    Trailer Video:
    Sensitive Online - Official Trailer [HD] - YouTube

    Botting :
    1. Bot is Allowed.
    2. Multibotters Not Allowed.
    3. Goldbotters Not Allowed.
    4. Multibotter / Goldbotters Will Take Ban 3 Days.

    Added 5 Uniques ;

    All Uniques Level 100
    ( Senior General - Battle Golem - Princess Miyene - White Knight - Rage Cloud )

    Drop :
    ( Global [ Untradable ] - Immortal Tablet [ D10 - D11 ] - Arena Coins - Gold & Silver & Iron & Copper Coins )

    Language Support:

    - English
    - German
    - Turkey
    - Portuguese
    - Arabic
    - Spanish
    - Romanian

    WebSite Link : http://www.sensitive-online.com/
    Facebook Link : https://www.facebook.com/SensitiveOnline?fref=ts
    Vote4Silk : http://sensitive-vote4silk.tk/index.php
    Register Link : http://www.sensitive-online.com/?pg=register
    Download Link : http://www.sensitive-online.com/?pg=download

    Server Specifications :
    RAM : 24GB
    PROCESSOR : Intel Xeon L5420 2.50GHz [2 Processors]
    LOCATİON : Lenoir, North Carolina, USA.

    Server Status : Online
    WebSite Status : Online

    Best Wishes
    Sensitive-Online Team
    Server Resimleri:
    Son düzenleme yönetici tarafından yapıldı: 28 Ekim 2015