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  1. luuzir

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    23 Temmuz 2007
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    As you have seen, SBot sales are still closed. Why?
    Purchase status is still closed because Sbot got too many bugs to open it to new customers. When we do open it now, then we will overload our system about "bot don't work" etc.
    This is the main reason why Sbot purchasing is still closed.

    When will be it opened?
    As fast as possible.
    The current problem is, Shiva is fixing a bug and suddenly a new appears without changing anything which could cause the new bug. There isn't a quick way to fix many bugs at once. So we need to release versions on by one.
    Shiva will not sell a bot that crashes or does weird stuff.
    But still, we can not guarantee anything. So be patience.

    At the moment Sbot is looking quite good.
    Coordinates in cave seem to work, script recording works, now we are tracing a bug that chars run back to training place without repotting after they died. Seems to be almost fixed.
    Also, there seem to be some minor issues with spells and other stuff with certain builds.

    I'd say aproximately 1 week more and new users can buy Sbot, but I'm sure it will be even eralier

    Thank you for understanding!!!

    Kısaca şuan Sbot ta çok fazla bug olduğundan bahsediyorlar. Bunları gidermeden yeni üye alımlarını açmak istemiyorlar. 1 hafta sonra açılabileceklerini ve belki daha da erken olabileceini söylüyolar.