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Sbot Auto login Cracked

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    7 Eylül 2009
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    Download : http://www.dosya.tc/SbotAutologin.rar.html


    Never share your config.ini File! Keep it always for yourself.

    Changelog 1.12 --> 1.2
    -Fixed the bug where the cursor got stuck in the left upper
    -Works with Sbot Manager v2.30b now
    -Auto hide Sbot clients!!!
    -Remember that this version won't be 100% bugfree so please report bugs if you expire some.
    -Replace all files. Not only the .exe file. There are some new image files which are needed to make everything work.

    Changelog 1.11c --> 1.12
    -Works with the latest Sbot and Silkroad Version
    -New Server Helios added

    Changelog 1.11a --> 1.11c
    -Fixed a bug where the Sbot Auto login got closed when you press "Login"

    Changelog 1.11 --> 1.11a
    -Works with the latest Sbot Version
    -+3 Days added to every user because of my holidays breaktime.

    Changelog 1.1c --> 1.11
    -Works with the Sbot Version 1.33

    Changelog 1.1b --> 1.1c
    -Fixed a bug where some people couldn't login with their account data.

    Changelog 1.1a --> 1.1b
    -Clientless Mode optimized
    -Auto detection of numbers of Chars added

    Changelog 1.1 --> 1.1a
    -Works with the Sbot Version 1.32d

    Changelog 1.09a --> 1.1
    -Old Settings System removed.
    -Added a new Settings system (GUI)
    -Added many new GUI functions
    -Everything should be easier to use now