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ReviveSRO Online | PVE Server Cap 110 | Low Rate

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    22 Ocak 2014
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    Web Sitemiz: http://www.revivesro.com/
    Client İndirme Linki: http://www.revivesro.com/?pg=download
    Facebook Sayfamız: https://www.facebook.com/ReviveSRO
    Cap: 110
    Exp Oranı: 5x
    SP Oranı: 5x
    Drop Oranı: 5x
    İtem Satışı: Yok
    Free Silk: Yok
    Serverımız Hakkında:
    Welcome to ReviveSRO | Play 2 Win | Dedicated Project.

    Greetings Elitepvpers!
    We are announcing the resurrection of ReviveSRO
    to be an OldSchool version of vsro servers with no corruption
    or giving away free items, or even paid ones!

    Basic Rules:
    1. Respect every player. Insulting other players religion is not allowed. No Politics, No religious views, it's a game so let's keep it that way!
    2. Scamming is totally forbidden, no warnings, no temporal bans, any kind of scam leads to a permanent ban of your account if we find enough proofs of it (and we will).
    3. Playing with that exploit that is called : "Exchange bug" will cause ban for a whole week for your account, this is not the way that the game meant to be played.
    4. Asking GM's for items, events or GM/GA positions is totally forbidden and your account might be banned temporally for such an act. Keep in mind that GM's are there for support you and solve your problems, not for make you level up faster nor give you a handicap over other players. We will make a thread when we start looking for GM's and GA's, so don't waste your time asking for it.
    5. Abusing of bugs/exploits and no reporting them is Punish-able with temporal or even permanent bans of your account.
    6. If you give away your account data its all your responsibility, we do Not restore items stolen by you giving away account information.
    7. PK2 Edit is allowed, but using it for detect invisible users (those who use invisible/stealth skills) is punish-able.
    8. Multi-client is allowed, but we are not giving support about it.
    9. We do Not restore spent Silks nor exchange a purchased item from the Item Mall Store if you bought it by mistake. We only give back Silks if the item got bugged in any way.
    10. If your account gets hacked, we will Not restore items you lost. It is your responsibility to keep your account info safe.
    11. We do Not Sell Items.
    12. We do Not help in Free Power Leveling.
    13. We did Not build a server to be a high rate server so it is going to be an oldschool server : 5x EXP Rate.
    14. It is now a Play to Win Server as opposed to gaining Silk per hour.
    15. Now Silk can be obtained by accomplishing missions and going for Jobs.
    16. We do Not approve selling items, gold, silk or characters for real money or even game gold or silk ( we can not be a middle man ) and if we become aware of such behavior then we are surely going to permanently ban your Account!
    17. Please take your time reading our game Rules at our website and feel free to join us at our facebook page in case you have any questions or reporting any kind of bugs/issues or giving us a feedback with new ideas ( we are always up for your creative ideas ).
    18. Do Not hesitate to report any kind of corruption that is happening by any of ReviveSRO Team!

    Website Features

    Changing password
    Regain control of forgotten passwords.
    PayPal donation.
    Server Capacity.
    Rev6 like Ranking System


    Server Rates

    Exp: 5x
    Drop Item: 5x
    Drop Gold: 1.5x
    Magic Pop: 10x
    Stones Success Rate: Same as Isro

    Server Features

    Magic Pop From 1D ~ 10D.
    Uniques (INT) and (STR).
    Sun Item's In Npc +7 FB D1 ~ D9.
    Arabia Uniques ( Working 100% )
    Survival arenas.
    Uniques Hunting Quest ( For titles that gives you the ability to use 110 zerk potions).
    New Avatars.
    3 Pages Inventory, 1 Page Grab Pet.
    Silk/Hour ( 1 Silk/hour ).
    Honor Buffs are working
    New Premium Gold Time ( 5 hours + 15 str/int ) [ DOES NOT INCLUDE REVERSES, RESURRECTION OR RETURN SCROLLS ].
    Roc Key for gold at Jangan's NPC (Roc gate entrance is up to Level 110).
    Coins can only be dropped from Uniques like ( Isis - Anubis, blabla - intermediate and advanced Holy water temple )
    Character speed in game (50% increase).
    Stall and exchange gold limits has been increased to (99B)
    Stack-able Items like Bolts, Arrows, HP/MP and stuff like that ( Stack up to 10k ).
    Weekly top uniques hunters are rewarded.
    New Custom Scrolls:

    Scrolls for Silk.
    Scrolls for Skill Points.
    Scrolls to Reset your Mastery and Skills.
    Scrolls to Reset your Stat Points.
    Scrolls to Remove any unwanted Advanced Elixir from any Item.
    Scrolls to Remove any unwanted Avatar blue.
    Scrolls to Reset the time of the Holy Temple.
    Scrolls to Reset the time of the Forgotten World.

    Available Towns
    # Region Availability
    Jangan: Available
    Jangan Cave : Available
    Donwhang: Available
    Donwhang Cave: Available
    Hotan: Available
    Samarkand: Available
    Constantinople: Available
    Alexandria: Available
    Jop-Temple: Available
    Battle Arena: Available
    Jangan fortress: Not Available
    Bandit fortress: Not Available
    Hotan fortress: Available
    Cons fortress: Not Available
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    Son düzenleme yönetici tarafından yapıldı: 28 Ekim 2015