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Regarding "Trojan" Virus [Bune xD]

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    9 Nisan 2007
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    Hello. This is Silkroad Online.

    Regarding Trojan Virus

    Some of our players are experiencing problems after the newest client update on May 26th (Silkroad Standard Time) with their anti-virus program.

    For players using AVG as their anti-virus program, we have confirmed with AVG that this problem exists. If you are using other anti-virus programs and experience problems, please try downloading the newest update for your anti-virus program. If the error is still not fixed, let us know through the forums, and we will post updates as they become available.

    We apologize for the delay in addressing this problem and for the inconvenience caused, and ask for our users�� understanding in this matter. The issue lies with incompatibility with certain anti-virus programs, causing them to detect the Silkroad file as a virus. There is no actual virus.

    If you cannot run the game normally, or are receiving an error message such as [Error code 2] because of this anti-virus problem, please uninstall your current version of Silkroad, then install Silkroad again or uninstall anti-virus program for a while till it is fixed, then run silkroad. Your game should run normally.

    To protect the security of our users, Silkroad Online runs daily virus checks. Please be assured that there is no danger of your system being infected through the game or our website. The majority of issues like these arise from software incompatibility or use of illegal third party programs. We recommend our users to refrain from visiting unauthorized, unsafe, or illegal websites, downloading illegal or suspicious programs and attachments, and to run periodic virus scans on their computer systems.

    * To resolve this problem more quickly, Please, visit AVG official website and complain about it through the support

    KAYNAK: http://www.silkroadonline.net/ arkadaşlar hakketten bune ne diyor :S
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    2 Ocak 2008
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    avg antivirus programi sro_client dosyasini trojen olarak görüyormuş bu yüzden avg kullanan arkadaslar bir süreligine avg programini bilgisayarindan kaldirmalari gerekiyormus joymax bu sorunu muhtemelen update de düzeltecekmis avg firmasi ile böyle bir karar almislar yani