11 Eylül 2019

✔ Server Base Version : v.1970 Original
✔ Legal Multi Client Active
✔ Beginner Level: 70
✔ Max Level: 70
✔ Beginner Skill : Auto Master and 70 Skills
✔ Beginner Item: Click to Detail
✔ ULTRA RAPID FARM(URF) MOD IS ONLINE ; All Monster Drop, Boss, Quest in Old Colony Zone
✔ Mining and Auto Mining Active!
✔ Drop, Chest, Fragment, Gem, Mining rate is difficult: Click Guide to Detail
✔ Camera Angel!
✔ CTRL click is online.
✔ Manuel Register and Customer Support
✔ Krowaz, UTC, Dark Knight, Jamadar and Wings Deleted!
✔ Casting Failed fix.
✔ PvP map is ' OLD COLONY ZONE '
✔ Old Maradon
✔ EN/TR live chat support

Border Defence War; Click for Detail

Juriad Mountain; Click for Detail
Bi-Frost; Click for Detail
Collection Race; Click for Detail
Castle Siege War
Lunar War

Colony Zone Quest(All Quest in Game) : Click to Detail

▶ Premiums: Click to Detail
▶ Power up Store Products: Click to Detail