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OldStory Online 90 Cap EU/CH

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    27 Şubat 2013
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    Client İndirme Linki: http://www.oldstorygame.com/
    Cap: 90
    Exp Oranı: 30x
    SP Oranı: 30x
    Drop Oranı: 10x
    İtem Satışı: Yok
    Free Silk: Var
    Serverımız Hakkında:

    Homepage & Register:OldStory Online

    Hello dear Community and Oldschoolfans
    a litle story about OldStory:
    the server is opened since 1.12.2013 (only CH)
    after we got many request about European Character,
    we added European Characters in OldStory Online since 12.2.2014.
    Our GM's Staff are very active and every day online.
    We get [GM], [EM], [TH], [Support] you asking now what is EM,TH?
    -[GM] Game Master
    -[EM] Event Manager ( Unique Events, Race, Lucky Number, Lucky Crit and more)
    -[TH] Trade Helper (he helps you if you need any trade help)
    -[Support] (if you have any questions or bugs u can pm him)

    if u get any problems or questions just post it on our Forum iam every day active
    We wish you Good Game play on OldStory Online


    Server Features:

    -Rock Mountain 3x more Spawns
    -Fortess Registration every Saturdays
    -Fortess time Sunday 6o'clock Server Time
    -Purfication pill bug has been fixed
    -9D Tablets & 0% Stone drops
    -1000x Stackable
    -Honor Academy Buffs
    -Normal Premium 5%, Premium Plus 10%
    -No Guild and Job Penalities
    -New Guilds start from LvL 5
    -3. Inventory Pages
    -Skill Edit Potions Drop on 9d mobs and Uniques
    -Stat Reset


    - 40x Exp & Sp
    -10x Item Drop
    -1x Sox Drop
    -1x Alchemy

    Start Items:
    -500 HP
    -500 MP
    -3 Days Pet
    -3. Inventory Pages
    -2x Drug of Typoon
    -1M Skill Points = Full Farmed

    Skill Edit Drops:

    Start Items:

    Honor Ranks:

    Item Mall:

    Rock Montain Spawn:

    Fortess Area:

    Guilds Starts from Level 5:


    Weapon Glows:

    Friendly Gms, Supports and EMs waiting u guys, Every days nice events. Join US!!


    OldStory Online

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