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OldStory Online 10 Cap EU/CH 1 Saat 1 Silk

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    OldStory rank8

    27 Şubat 2013
    Beğenilen Mesajlar:
    Ödül Puanları:
    Client İndirme Linki: http://www.oldstorygame.com/
    Cap: 100
    Exp Oranı: 30x
    SP Oranı: 30x
    Drop Oranı: 10x
    İtem Satışı: Yok
    Free Silk: Var
    Serverımız Hakkında:

    Homepage & Register: OldStory Online

    Hello dear Community and Oldschoolfans
    a litle story about OldStory:
    the server is opened since 1.12.2013 (only CH 9DG)
    after we got many request about European Character,
    we added European Characters in OldStory Online since 12.2.2014.
    Since 4.5.2014 we do a big update to 10 Degree 100 Cap.
    Our GM's Staff are very active and every day online.
    We get [GM], [EM], [TH], [Support] you asking now what is EM,TH?
    -[GM] Game Master
    -[EM] Event Manager ( Unique Events, Race, Lucky Number, Lucky Crit and more)
    -[TH] Trade Helper (he helps you if you need any trade help)
    -[Support] (if you have any questions or bugs u can pm him)

    if u get any problems or questions just post it on our Forum iam every day active
    We wish you Good Game play on OldStory Online


    Server Features:

    -Jangan Cave 2x more Spawn
    -Fortess Registration every Tuesday/Saturdays
    -Fortess time Wednesday/Sunday 18:00 Server Time
    -Purfication pill bug has been fixed
    -10D Tablets & 0% Stone drops
    -1000x Stackable
    -Honor Academy Buffs
    -Normal Premium 5%, Premium Plus 10%
    -No Guild Penalities
    -New Guilds start from LvL 5
    -3. Inventory Pages
    -White Knight Level 100 Karakoram
    -Stat Reset Scroll (Str / Int)
    -1H / 1 Silk
    -Devil / Angel Spirit
    -Teleports from Jangan to Jangan Cave
    -Medusa & Roc
    -Forgotten World
    -34 Avatars aviable in Item Mall

    - 30x Exp & Sp
    -10x Item Drop
    -1x Sox Drop
    -2x Alchemy (+1 to +8)
    -1x Alchemy (above +8)

    Start Items:
    -500 HP
    -500 MP
    -3 Days Pet
    -3. Inventory Pages
    -2x Drug of Typoon
    -2M Skill Points = Full Farmed

    Skill Edit Drops:

    Fortess Area:

    Weapon Glows:

    Friendly Gms, Supports and EMs waiting u guys, Every days nice events. Join US!!


    OldStory Online
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