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Maximized Phantasy CAP 100 l Low Rates l OLD school l Lotter

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    5 Mart 2014
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    Web Sitemiz: www.maximizedphantasy.com
    Client İndirme Linki: www.maximizedphantasy.com
    Cap: 100
    Exp Oranı: 40
    SP Oranı: 40
    Drop Oranı: 30
    İtem Satışı: Yok
    Free Silk: Var
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    Welcome aboard!

    As passionate and old school silkroaders ourselves, we started getting tired of the amount of bullshit that Joymax harnessed. They destroyed what had once ought to be one of the best games out there. We then went out to search for private servers that will give us back the feeling of old school SRO, but we were set to failure since the very beginning. We jumped from server to server in hopes of finding a perfect match. All we could find were pay to win servers, very poorly managed servers, or ones that were run by corrupt GM's.

    After years of trying to find a perfect match and failing, we decided to create our very own old school SRO server. We want to bring the awesome factor back to SRO, the days in which whether you bought silk or not didn't matter. We even spiced up old school SRO a notch by upping the cap to 100.

    The thing we focused the most on to guarantee a pleasant gaming experience is the team. From our previous experiences with a lot of servers, we noticed that almost every server that fails has a bad team managing it. In hopes that we can prosper and develop an amazing gaming community, we've set strict rules regarding the managment of the server. Corruption is a major issue and we've tackled it: the server has two developers and one GM only, all of which have a lot of experience over the years in running and managing private servers. We don't want a server that would be labelled as a property of the GM's friends. As well as choosing the right server management, the team is very friendly and will try to help every player in every way possible, let aside running a lot of amazing events and giving away some goodies every now and then.

    We have also put a lot of emphasis on our profit scheme. Of course we would love to profit from the server, after all there are bills that must be paid to keep the server up. However, we didn't want to go about it the wrong way: our only source of profit from the server will be by selling silks. Silks are used straightforward to buy your typical items that you can find in every successful SRO server. We will never sell powerhouse items for profit.

    To be honest, we can go on and on about changes that we made to deliver the best SRO experience possible to you, but you're probably a bit bored now after reading all of that. So why don't you just go ahead and give us a try, and we promise you you wont regret it!

    Sincerely, Maximized Phantasy team.

    Server info


    • Start items
    Once you create your character, you will start in a specialized area for new players. Where you spawn will be an NPC that will give you a quest to collect one item. You can find the mobs for the quest at the teleport right next to the NPC.
    What will you get?
    1. All Honor Buffs package, valid for 24 hours of online time.
    2. 2 One-Day Gold Time Service Ticket, a.k.a "yellow hand".
    3. One month grab pet.
    4. 10 Reverse scrolls.
    5. 10 Instant Return scrolls.
    6. 5 VIP SPEED 200% movement speed scrolls.
    7. 470,000 SP.
    These are in addition to the starting items you will already have: 12m gold, 1.5m SP, and a Devil's Spirit B Grade +1!


    • Simple Item changes
    We've done quite a lot of item changes in total, and we'll cover the utter minimal information needed.
    The following list shows the changes:
    Resurrection scrolls: disabled
    Donators would have been too overpowered during jobbing.
    Simply annoying and useless.
    Damage scrolls: decreased from 20%->10% (stacks with dmg increase buffs).
    Defence scrolls: disabled.
    Advanced elixirs: disabled.
    limiting the maximum plus a bit.
    Astrals: disabled.
    Purification pills: mBot exploit fixed.
    Vigor grains: removed from shops (can gain them from monsters only).
    Devil spirit: Undecided as of now.
    Seal of X items: Explained below.

    • SoX system
    We're glad to announce that we got rid of the coins system! All SOX items are now obtainable via scrolls earned through gameplay. For elaboration, there are 3 kinds of scrolls, all of which drop from different uniques throughout the game. They are:

    Seal of Nova scroll: obtainable from all uniques.
    Seal of Moon scroll: obtainable from most uniques with low drop rates.
    Seal of Sun scroll: obtainable from Holy Water Temple uniques - Job temple uniques

    All you have to do is right click your scroll. Once you do that you will be teleported back to Jangan and the item will be in your inventory and the item will be Random depends on ur luck .
    By now, you might be thinking that having the most powerful seal drop in Holy Water Temple - Job temple only is unfair for STR characters. Well, we've added STR uniques as well, so you wont have to bother yourself about it!

    • FGW
    We got bored of just Shipwreck and Flame Mountain FGW, so we wanted to see Togui Village for a change. We have tweaked the Togui FGW to fit the needs of D10 play, and you would get the same rewards you are seeking, just in a better FGW environment! Togui FGW keys are sold for gold in NPC's.

    • Honor Buff system
    The Honor Buff system is now based on Jobbing. After reaching level 7 with your job, about 15~20 trades, you become eligible to buy an Honor Buff package valid for 1 month of online-time from an NPC, which includes all the Honor Buffs from Bronze to King. To make it even a little harder to obtain, this item's price is 1b gold plus 100 Capture The Flag tickets. Once you purchase and activate this item, your job level will be reset back to 0.
    IMPORTANT!: please be informed that if you attempted to use the Honor Buffs package and your job level is not 7, the item will disappear and you WILL NOT get any buffs. You are not eligible for a compensation. We're working on a fix.

    • Trade system
    Silkroad first got famous for the trading system. This was supposed to be an amazing feature but Joymax messed it up as they usually do. We wanted to bring jobbing back to life, so we tweaked the jobbing rates. A 5* trade can now give you profit of about 120% of the price you used to but the goods. This will also help tackle the issue of gold-botting, since the gold drop rates on our server will make it almost impossible for gold-botting to be a viable option. We will be looking closely and evaluating the rates over the future to make it achieve its most optimal form.

    • Clash of the Gods: titles for the worthy!
    You can now pawn in style with our customized titles! Not only do they set you appart from other players, but they also give you a 7-day buff.
    The following titles are obtained from Flame Cow, Jupiter, or The Earth:
    Sovereign: You killed Flame Cow, which once dwelled as the lord and the master, and now you gain the ultimate sovereignty.
    Liberator: You have put an end to the chaos Jupiter has brought. He caused fear and despair to the people, and you hereby made yourself the Liberator.
    Omniscient: You defeated The Earth, who yielded great and diverse knowledge, setting yourself as the new Omniscient of the time.
    *Note: your title will be gone if someone else slays the unique, but your buff will remain. You will also receive a compensational title, "Captain".
    We are planning to add more uniques in the future, so stay tuned!

    • Free silk items:
    To emphasize and enforce the fact that we are not a pay to win server, most of the important items such as Premium, Immortal, and what not, can be obtained via CTF tickets through NPC's. Aside from that, we have set up a silk per hour system. You get 2 silks per hour, so you wont have to worry about buying silk-exclusive items either.

    • IP Limit:
    Aside from other efforts to eliminate gold botting and multiclienting in Fortress Wars, we are also setting an IP limit. We are planning to make a 2 or 3 IP limit, but we are still thinking about the optimal number.

    • Auto equipment:
    Removed for now, we thought we would just keep it basic. This feature may be reintroduced later on after we get feedback. All gear and equipment from DG1~DG9 are now back in NPC's.

    • Gold Lottery & Silk Lottery Scrolls:
    Is there anything better than that!? There are three types of Gold Lottery & Silk Lottery Scrolls:

    Low-tier: drops from low-tier uniques.
    Mid-tier: drops from mid-tier uniques.
    High-tier: drops from high-tier uniques.
    The rewards vary based on the scroll tier. Right click to use.

    • Alchemy materials
    We went too old school with alchemy. You can now obtain stones ONLY through uniques' drops, and you will have to make your stones using tablets. Tablets drop at a higher rate now. To get elements for your tablets, you can buy them at an NPC for gold and CTF tickets.

    • Small Ville Area
    We thought about new players and how to make them catch up quickly with the older players, and that's why we created the Small Ville area. Aside from the perks a new player will get from the starting quest, this area is a specialized area for them to get good farm as well. It contains uniques that are levels 40, 60, 80, and 100. These uniques provide a lot of valuable drop and EXP, as well as Gold Lottery and Silk Lottery scrolls. You better save that Honor Buffs package and use it wisely!

    • Cutomized areas teleports
    There are two teleports for customized areas. They do not teleport to the same areas. One is located inside Hotan, and the other is outside.

    • Custom glows

    • Uniques map
    Other uniques inside rooms

    • Donwhang Cave
    Donwhang cave mobs are now levels 91~100 for your convenience.

    • Grab pets
    Since we know how important grab pets are, we didn't want to make new players feel the urge of having one. Every new player gets a 3-day grab pet with the starting items. You can buy pet res from NPC's for 1 gold. Sweet!

    • Fortress War
    Fortress wars are every Sunday, starting @ 18:00 GMT +2
    #Updates INFO
    1-Sword Skill effect Fixed
    2-Uniques EXP Rates fixed (Small Ville)
    3-Normal uniques drop (Fixed)
    4-Grap pet problem should be fine
    5-About CTF Tickts (added on npcs for 5m Each one)
    6-Most Reported buggs FIXED
    2#Update INFO
    2#Update info
    1. Grab pets escape issue is hopefully fixed.
    2. Devil S has been removed from NPCs
    3. Uniques damage has been halved.
    4. Alex mobs damage has been halved.
    5. DW cave mobs damage has been halved.
    6. Teleporter prices inside custom rooms have been reduced.
    7. CTF is hopefully fixed.
    8. Level limit has been set on Small Villa area (level 40~80).
    3#Update INFO
    1. Vote 4 silk working fine with normal silk not gift silk.
    2. DG10 items have been added in drops again.
    3. Niya Generals damage fixed.
    4. Teleporter prices reduced from 100m to 1m.
    5. No more gift silk, all you get now is silk and you can use it.
    6. CTF 100% Fixed.
    7. Trade rates doubled and max trade items stacks reduced from 100 to 60.
    8. Jupiter, The Earth, and Yuno rooms fixed.
    9. Higher lvls than lvl 100 FIXED (every one was 100+ back to lvl 100 - and every lvl 100 Char Stats reseted)
    10. Added a new sro_client u can get it from epvp or fb page (300 max mastery ONLY)
    11. Jangan cave Area opened
    12. Uniques spawn time should be fine
    new exe link

    Our Signature

    Feel free to use our signature to show how much you support
    the server, we would really appreciate it! Also if you use our signature
    you will receive 50 silk when you join the game. Keep in mind that its
    automatic, we just need you to write ur IGN
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