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•Lyssa Online [100 cap, vsro files]•

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    16 Şubat 2012
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    Full client + media: http://www.wupload.co.uk/folder/2070991 Or
    Media: http://www.wupload.co.uk/file/266094...ull-client.rar

    You can get a lot of crashes without a full client, so I recommend for you guys to download it.

    ~~~~Server info~~~~
    Exp Rate: x15 (might be increased if people like to but believe me its enough atm)
    Party Exp Rate: x17
    Drop Rate: x5
    Gold Drop Rate: x5
    Sox Drop Rate: x2
    Race: CH And EU
    Level Cap: 100
    Skill Cap: 100
    Job Rate: x2
    Server Capacity: 500 for now
    Auto Potion: Included
    Magic Pop: x1
    Arena: On
    FW: On
    CTF: On
    Status: 24/7
    GMs: Friendly They will always answer your questions.
    Version: Vsro(old files) 1.324
    Bot: Bot is allowed, but goldbotting not.
    Host: Dedicated server 24/7 Uptime
    So friendly community they will always help you if u need something

    Jangan (Bandit + JG Fw works)
    DW Cave
    Hotan (Hotan FW disabled atm)
    Roc Mountain
    JG Cave
    FGW 9DG and 10DG

    ~~~~What's more~~~~
    -alchemy system: from +1 to +4 x2, but if it's higher, chances of plusing are lowered .
    -Elixirs stack up to 50
    -Potions, pills, grains stack up to 100
    -Purification Pills Removed, so force rox here.
    -New Lv 60 Job suits.

    ~~~~Start Items~~~~
    20X 100% speed scrolls
    5X Reverse return scrolls
    5X instant return scroll
    Grab pet 7days
    Devil spirit 5% 7 days
    ~~~~New horse(Unicorn)~~~~

    New uniques have been added:
    - Constantinople area - Cyclops lv15
    - Jupiter Temple - Shinmoo lv90

    - Earth Ghost Canyon - Togui Elder lv39

    - Samarkand area - Battle Golem lv42

    - Karakoram Entrance - Rage Cloud lv55

    - Roc Mountain - Black Cloud lv72

    - CTF - 00:00 02:00 04:00 06:00...
    - Fortress War - Every Sunday at 18.30 GMT+1

    ~~~~Our plans~~~~
    - adding all avatars (most of them added already)
    - adding fellow pets
    - and also we are waiting for your suggestions :P.

    ~~~~Daily Events~~~~
    -Uniques Spawn - mostly JG south, and around JG
    -PVP tournaments
    -Send a good song or dancefloor song to a Admin and receive 150 or 300 silks
    -Kill a strong unique with ur party(GM choose what unique) and receive some silks.
    -Hide and seek with rewards(mostly silk items or sos 9dg-10d wep)

    ~~~~Update 16.02.2012~~~~
    Server cap has been successfully increased from cap lv 90 to 100.
    JG cave fully opened.
    Dimension Holes 10D(FGW teleports)successfully added to npc.
    10D Lucky powders successfully added to npc.
    10D items drop successfully added.

    Rates aren't low you can be 90-100 ff in about 2-4 days max, also you can easily lvl up by the uniques events.

    If you have any questions just feel free to ask.

    I hope I will see you in server