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Lottery Sro | Cap110 | Advanced Systems | Free to play | Adventure begun!

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    Our Official Links

    Information| Link
    Official webpage| Lottery-Sro When Adventure Begin

    Official facebook page| Lottery Sro

    Official Instagram page|Lottery Sro (@lotterysro) • Instagram photos and videos

    Official Twitter page| Lottery Sro (@LotterySro) | Twitter

    Official Youtube Channel|https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQVcG2fHrgHSfrG5EQ6CFeA

    Introduction & brief

    Hello, and welcome to Lottery SRO II!
    Before proceeding into the topic: You might say there are many private sro servers why should I choose Lottery SRO to play in?

    You might think that you are playing another private server which is full of donates, and over edits why I should come here?

    Are you searching for a free Private sro server?

    Are you searching for a real sro server which reminds you of old sro?

    If you are searching for fun and real sro feeling So what are you waiting for? Download Lottery Sro then continue watching the topic!

    if you are searching about corruption, over-edited server, +99, donate items, donate gold, selling chars, and those sucks stuffs so you are not in the right place

    This server was created as a fair, balanced, play-to-win NOT pay-to-win, old-school style server with some new awesome features you are sure to enjoy.

    One last thing before ending my introduction

    Have you asked yourself before What makes apple company had this huge success?

    Actually because they listens to their customers suggestions, and their feedback that they receive.
    What if there is no one criticize them or reporting bugs and so on?
    They would think "Oh yea we are the best company ever"
    What I wanted to say that Lottery Sro won't be developed or success without you, so please Don't ever hesitate to criticize us because it supports us to develop our game server to be better n better.
    We hope to bring people together on a server that feels like the good old days of SRO. Join us, make some new friends, and most important...HAVE FUN!

    Server Features

    There are many features you can discover while playing Lottery-Sro, but those are just some of them.

    Cap| 110

    Starting level | 1

    Max level | 110

    Race | Eu & Ch

    Ch Mastery | 440

    Eu Mastery | 220

    Ip Limit | 5

    Job based|Yes

    Free Silk|Yes


    Capture The Fag|YES

    Forgotten world|YES

    Auto Equipment|YES (D2-D9)

    Auto Events|YES

    Auto Level reward |YES

    Quest rates| Custom X7

    Fortress War|Hotan (Until we reach satisfying number of players)


    Server Rates

    Notice that ( There is a weekly double exp/sp ticket, you can activate it via our webpage )



    Party exp|40x

    Item drop rate|18x

    Gold drop rate|12x

    Quest Exp|x7

    Quest Sp|x7

    Quest gold|x5

    FGW Rate| x5

    Do you think it's not enough?
    Uniques Exp are multiplaied by x6

    Alchemy Rates

    Plus | Percentage %

    +1| 85%

    +2| 75%

    +3| 55%

    +4| 25%

    +5| 15%

    +6| 7%

    +7| 5%

    +8| 3%

    +9| 2%

    +10| 1%

    +11| 1%

    +12| 1%

    * There is no plus limit like Isro

    Server Schedules



    Unique event| Everyday at 12:00 PM

    Beginner event| Random times (TBA)

    Appeared uniques at their places like (Titans)| 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    Lucky Party number | Every 6 hours (6-12)

    H&S event| TBA

    PVP event| TBA

    Race event| TBA

    Q&A event | TBA

    Crit event | TBA

    Social media event | TBA

    Regular schedule

    Fortress war (Reg) | Everyday, at anytime

    Fortress war | Every Saturday 7:00 pm~ 9:00 PM ( Server time GMT+3)

    Fortress war Tax | Every Saturday 9:10pm ~ Sunday 9:10 pm

    Capture the flag (Reg) | 11:50 - xx:50 (Every 2 hours)

    Capture the flag | 12:00 - xx:00 (Every 2 hours)

    Arena (JOB) | 12:00 AM - 6:00 AM

    Arena (Match/points) | 12:30 PM - 6:30 PM


    let's mention a brief of everyday's activities

    Time | Event

    12:00 PM|Normal unique Event at Jangan south
    12:00 PM| Party reform event ( to earn Donated silk )
    12:30 PM| Arena (Match/points)
    6:00 PM | Event Uniques appearing at their normal position
    6:00 PM | Party reform event ( to earn Donated silk )
    6:30 PM | Arena (Match/point)
    9:00 PM | STR Unique Event at Jangan south
    10:00 PM | Capture The Flag
    12:00 AM | Arena (JOB)
    12:00 AM | Party reform event
    2:00 AM | INT Unique Event at Jangan south
    3:30 AM | Job Uniques appearing
    6:00 AM | Event Uniques appearing at their normal position
    6:00 AM | Arena (Job)
    6:00 AM | Party reform event

    There are several things to be done here :rolleyes:

    Start Items & Max stack

    Start items are

    Skill point | (400,000)

    Starting Gold | (5,000,000) (Storage)

    Start Equipments | Full blue sos +6 equipments including weapon

    Inventory Items | 20 Return scrolls / 500 Hp/Mp / 5 drug speed 100% /5 mag/phy Damage scrolls


    Beginners Section

    Our server is not only for high level players. No! beginners here have something to do!

    Beginners Area

    Here you can find 4 types of known monsters to keep the power level for the beginners easier n faster

    - Bunwang
    - Penon
    - Yeti
    - Shakram


    Beginner Quests

    Quest required level |Quest reward

    Level 1 | 20 speed scroll 100%

    Level 5 | Pick pet 3 day

    Level 8 | 3 Golden exp,sp scroll 50%

    Level 10 | 3 beginner exp scroll 100%

    Level 16 | 3 Reverse Scrolls

    Level 20 | 3 beginner exp 100%

    Level 24 | 5 Reverse scroll

    Level 30 | 3 Beginner exp 150%

    Level 32 | 3 Reverse Scrolls

    Level 40 | 3 Exp 150% Scroll

    Level 42 | 5 Reverse Scrolls

    Level 50 | 3 beginner exp scroll 150%

    Level 60 | 3 Global chat


    Beginner Unique Event

    To keep the game balanced between Beginners and non beginners we made a special unique event for beginners only at beginner event area which a limited levels only can teleport there!

    * You can only teleport there if your current level between (1 and 90 ) otherwise you should attend normal unique event

    * You can only teleport via Jangan [Dimensional Gate]


    Level Rewards

    When you reach the required level you can receive your reward from our webpage

    80|Premium Plus
    85|Pet Clock 28 day
    90|1 Scroll Lottery sp , 1 Lottery Silk
    95|5 Res Scrolls , 1 Gold Lottery Scroll , 1 Sp scroll
    100|10 Res scrolls , 3 Sp Scrolls
    105|20 Zerk , 5 Reverse Scrolls , 2 Sp Scrolls
    110|20 Reverse Scrolls , 3 Silk Scroll


    Killing Uniques rewards

    After killing each unique you will earn silk amount as following

    Unique Name|Silk amount
    Tiger Girl| 2

    Cerberus | 2

    Ivy | 2

    Uruchi | 2

    Isy | 2

    Lord Yarakn | 2

    Demon Shitan | 2

    Job uniques | 3

    Medusa | 5

    Lottery System

    Login into our webpage then click on ( LOTTERY ) tab

    Get Cards Red,Blue and Brown

    they will be transferred to your storage

    After using them there will be your final card number


    Every month we will notice that we will make a lottery generation between (100~999)

    There will be 3 winners Maximum, everything will be random by our system

    1st place reward 250 silk
    2nd place reward 175
    3rd place reward 50

    Event Section

    Event System

    Event Points which gives you the ability to choose your reward by yourself. So, you are not forced anymore to be rewarded with a specific reward.


    Event points is a scroll when you use it . It gives you points you can buy your reward via our webpage Event Shop

    H&S Event

    H&S event is known to almost of you which is a GM or Mod hides somewhere and announce some helping statements so someone can find him and get his/her reward

    Pvp Event

    PvP event made with smart system so you can register online via our webpage at specific noticed time. then we arrange and announce a playing date on our Facebook page which is attached to our main webpage

    rewards are random. they are special btw :)

    Q&A Event

    Q&A is an event which allow the players to answer a specific asked question to get a reward

    Lucky Party Event

    Lucky party event: it's very simple so that we choose random party number, when a player achieve that specific number Automatic Donated silk transfers into his/her account

    Much more you can discover during your journey :wink1:

    Lottery Gifts

    There are Lottery gifts or rewards every 3 months, You might open your character and find your jewel gift

    gifts are randomly chosen within a certain range, so for sure you are not going to win a d12 item and so on.

    gifts depends on the period of registration and Total active time so the best gift goes to the oldest players and most active players, for sure the new registered users would have chance to win but it won't be as much as the old players.

    Rewards might be:

    Silk scrolls ( Donated silk )
    Premium plus
    Magic Pop card
    Egy Weapon
    Devil S (20%)
    Change Name scroll
    Egy parts
    Extension gear for Devil
    Extension pet
    10x Pandora box
    pack of Globals
    pack of reverse scrolls
    pack of immortals d11
    pack of astral d11

    For sure all suggestions are most welcome :wink1:

    Job System

    When you reach level 7 at job thief/hunter/trader. You can reborn to level 1 to earn reward points that used at rank + silk reward for your efforts


    Notice :
    * You can buy this scroll from Lottery NPC in each town near So-ok.
    * before using reborn scroll check if there enough space in your storage otherwise you might lose your reward or it might cause a bug to your character.

    Required Reborn times|Random Silk Scrolls amounts
    1~5 times| 1

    6~10 times| 2

    11~15 times| 3

    16~20 times| 5

    Dead Items

    You still can get Free

    - Astral stones D11
    - Immortal stones D11
    - Avatar M/F


    by collecting their elements from daily unique event

    Teleport Section

    We made it to make the life easier.


    Guild Section


    Automatically any created guild will be level 4 without any promotes, which gives you a chance to make any emblem easily


    Guild emblem works fine



    Auto Equipment

    There is auto equipment system to help our players to power level with strong items

    Auto equipment system is starting from Degree 2 until Degree 9

    SoS+3 Full blue



    We have improved Lottery-Sro to be balanced between INT Characters / STR Characters - Europe / Chinese

    -We have made STR-INT uniques to balance between Int-Str characters so they can take their chance to prove their selves.

    -We have made new balancing skill into Chinese characters which give them phy dmg / mag dmg to be balanced with Europe chars


    The End

    Looking forward to hear from you. your comments/suggestions about Lottery Sro are most welcome even if you are not going to join us!

    Thank you for reading

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