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Ksro Update / Yeni dRessler

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    10 Ocak 2009
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    Ksro is getting a new update.

    1. New Avatar suits called "Blackwing". I think they look like crows, they are nice.

    - Resim Silinmiş.


    2. gold/Premium ticket "pause" button.

    - Resim Silinmiş.

    ① When you click the icon of the Gold-time pause confirmation window is open. If you choose to check the window

    ② pause after the 20-second time-consuming Gold-time hours will be suspended. When you pause, the battle in the gold-time status does not apply.

    ③ on pause, when you click the icon again pause Gold off time confirmation window is open. Gold-time when you turn off the pause time will be normal again.

    [Apply item]
    - Gold / Silver Time 1, four weeks pass
    - Skills Gold / Silver Time 1, four weeks pass
    - Featured items

    - Premium Gold-time during the pause Quest premium items (Purification of the seed) does not drop.
    - A pause state, period (the day), after which time the day-time Gold is destroyed.

    3. Increasing inventory size by 6 more (increases by two, 3 times by quest I think, its hard to say)

    4. Updating reverse returns.

    - Resim Silinmiş.

    Kısa bir özetle yeni dressler Ticket zamanını durdurma invertory yeni 6 slot açma görevi + caveye ışınlanmak için yeni scrollar
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