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    13 Aralık 2014
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    II CIVILIZATIONS is a Silkroad Online Private Server, founded on October 09, 2016, by a group of passionate developers with a keen eye for balance and originality. With the help of our amazing community, we have been able to develop dozens of original features and balance our gameplay to provide a unique experience.


    What do we mean by "unique experience"?
    Think a second, why did you loved this game? If you think deep enough the answer will always be the same!
    • You loved it because it was not easy to reach the maximum level, to get that weapon you always dreamed of.
    • You loved the interaction with other players that doesn't exist anymore.
    • You loved the idea of making trades or being hunter or thief, the atmosphere, the feeling of being part of the history!

    Give us a few seconds of your time to show you that it's possible to turn back the good old days of Silkroad.
    • 5X Rates - Just like in the old days, it's hard even impossible and that's what makes it beautifull.
    • Dynamic IP Limit - Goldbots, Multiclient & Acadamy Farmers are the killers of the game, this solves all of them.
    • 80 CAP - I can almost hear you're asking why 80CAP? 80 CAP times were the times most of the Silkroad players started playing the game.
    • Old School Features - All the old school features such as PVP Capes, Stall Network, Fortress Hammers, Bot Protector item and many others are available in our server.


    Rates: 5.0x
    Max Level: 80
    Party EXP: 5.5x
    Drop Rate: 3.0x
    Main Town: Hotan Kingdom
    Client Version: 1.148
    Fortress Time: Saturday 20.00 GMT+3
    Location: France | Roubaix
    Server Time: EEST (GMT+3)
    Online Players: 397 (Launched 5 days ago!)

    7/24 Customer Support Service (English, Russian, Turkish, Bulgarian).
    We are providing support 7 days / 24 hours a week in English, Russian, Turkish and Bulgarian with 6 hours reply guarantee.