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TorQ'S Glavie Guıde
I. Intro:

Due to the lack of updated glavie guides I've decided to make one for the 100 cap. This guide will be for a 100 heuskal/ 100 fire/ 80 light/ 20 ice. Since this is the best all around glavie build for this cap. This is a very basic and brief overview of what skills you'll need.

So, Why be a pure str glavie char?

Pure str glavies are beasts in PvP. With their massive HP they can tank a crazy amount of damage and they deal nice damage in return. They do well in PvE as well since they can tank numerous mobs at one time while tearing through them one by one. And glavies always have incredibly sexy moves.

Pros and Cons

-You have alot of HP. The most hp out of any Chinese char.
-You do nice damage
-You do good in pvp
-You don't get 1 hit often. If ever.
-Has stun and knock back

-You eat tons of MP pots
-Not the fastest leveler. Not bad, but not great either.
-You only have 1 ranged skill. Which you don't get until level 31

II. The Gear

You have three options. Armor, Protector and Garment. They key is picking the right gear for your build.

1. Armor gives great physical defense but poor magical defense. It gives no special bonuses.

2. Protector gives you well balanced physical and magical defense. It also increases your moving speed by 10% and reduces your MP consumption by 10%.

3. Garment gives you poor physical defense but great magical defense. It also increases your moving speed by 20% and reduces your MP consumption by 20%.

Which one should I pick?

Well since this is a pure str build which already gives you good phy def do too your massive amount of hp and lacks mag def. And glavies use a ton of MP pots. Plus, having more moving speed is always a plus. We'll be using garment. Which will help balance out our pure str build where it is lacking.

Improving your gear and weapon

- Resim Silinmiş.

Stats for garments

Here is how it works:

-Magical and physical defense power: The higher these stats are, the less damage you'll take from monsters. When buying a non-NPC garment item, I suggest you look for something with high magical def power and/or high physical def power.
-Durability: When you buy or repair an item, it's durability will be at its max. It slowly goes down when you fight mobs. The higher it is, the less you'll have to go to town to repair your items.
-Parry ratio: This is a bit like magical and physical defense power, but it's luck-based. Parry ratio decreases your enemy's chances of dealing high damage on you. This is also very important.
-Magical and physical reinforces: These increase magical or physical defense power a bit. Not as important but not to be ignored.

Good blues for garments:
-Str and int +
-Burn/zombie/cold/shock/darkness time -
-Parry ratio +
-Magical and physical defense +

Stats for your glavie

-Magical and physical attack power: just like for garments, but on weapons they don't increase defense, they increase the highest damage you can deal. When you buy a weapon you should always take one that has higher attack power, unless there is another glavie with a bit less attack power but with a good critical (10 and above)
-Durability: Same as for garment.
-Attack rating: Increases your chances of dealing damage. In other words, the offensive parry ratio. Important.
-Critical: Very important for this build. I suggest you buy a glavie with at least 7-10 critical. Why? Because as a pure strength glavier, when you hit a critical with soul spear move, you'll 1 hit kill your mob.
-Mag and phy reinforces: Same as for garment but these are for attack, not defense.

Good blues for glavies:
-Block ratio + (this doesn't make you block attacks... it decreases your enemy's chances of blocking your attack if he has a shield)
-Critical +
-Str and Int +
-Attack rating +

III. The Skills

As said before this will be a 100 heuskal/100 fire/80 light/20 ice build.

Red = Skip
Orange = Optional
Green = Get it

Level 100 Heuskal Skills:
Annihilating Blade Series

I find this skill useless. It's helpful at lower levels but after level 20ish I'd stop leveling it.

Fanning Spear Series

Get it. This greatly increases your magical defenses for 15 seconds. You only need the first and third book since your not a shield user.

Heuksal Spear Series

Get it. It does good damage per second *DPS* and at later levels has dull which slows down your opponents attacks and movement.

Soul Departs Spear Series

Get it. These skills are the bread a butter for a glavie char. It does massive damage and has stun. And it's my favorite heuskal skill.

Ghost Spear Attack Series

Get it. This skill is your finisher. When you first cast it, it'll work so quickly that it has almost no pause. It's the fastest attacking skill for heuskal. It can also knockback. But, it does have a slight delay at the end of it to don't use it unless your sure you can finish off your opponent.

Chain Spear Attack Series

This is the glavie's chains. They do good DPS and look awesome. But their not necessary. If you have the SP get them. If not then don't worry about it.

Flying Dragon Spear Series

I put this as optional since it isn't really necessary. But! I'd get this skill since it helps with killing wizards, rogues and luring while grinding. And the last book hits twice.

Cheolsam Force Series (Passive)

Get it. This is where all of your massive hp comes from.

Level 100 Fire Skills:

Fire Force Series

Get it. Your attacks will greatly increase while using this. Use it and love it.

Fire Shield Series

Get it. Helps you to become immune to statuses like ice,burn etc. You don't have to wear a shield to use it, you only need a shield to activate it. *You can carry a level 1 npc shield in your inv*

Flame Body Series

Increases your phy damage by 9% when maxed. Get it.

Fire Protection Series

Increases your mag def. Get it.

Fire wall-Tower

It completely immobilizes you while its activated so I don't like it for glavies. Although it does prevent KB, Stun, KD, and all status effects. Which includes debuffs. So up to you. Optional.

Flame Wave Series

Skip it. Your nuking damaging will suck since your pure str.

Fire Combustion

Helpful for seeing rogues and wizards while their in stealth or invis. But you can always just buy pots for that. Optional.

Flame devil force (Passive)

This increases your phy damage. Get it.

Level 80 Lightening Skills:

Thundertiger force

Skip. You already have an imbue.

Piercing Force Series

It increases your mag % damage. Get it.

Wind Walk Series

Increases your moving speed and phantom lets you "zip" across the open ground in no time. Get it.

Lion Shout Series

Skip it. Your not a nuker.

Concentration Series

Increases your parry ratio. Meaning you get hit for less damage. Get it.

Thunderbolt Force Series

Your nuking damage will suck. Skip it.

Heaven's Force Series (Passive)

Increases your parry ratio. Get it.

Level 20 Ice Skills:

Ice river force

Skip. You already have an imbue.

Weak guard of ice

Increases your phy def a little bit. Get it.

Cold Wave Attack Series

Frostbites your opponent. Skip.

Frost Wall Series

It completely immobilizes you while its activated so I don't like it for glavies. Although it does prevent KB, Stun, KD, and all status effects. Which includes debuffs. So it's up to you. Optional.

Frost Nova Series

With your ice at level 20 you can't even get this skill. So skip.

Snow Storm Series

Your not a nuker. Skip it.

Snow Shield Series

This is the whole reason why your your raising ice to level 20. It absorbs 20% of the damage your receive and transfers it into your MP. Get it!

Cold Armor Series (Passive)

Increases your Physical defense. Get it.

Sp requirements

Not counting the optional the total amount of sp that you'll need for the 100 cap is: 924,263 Sp

With the optional's included: 1,252,981 Sp

Please, feel free to offer your opinion on how I can make this guide better.
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