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    22 Temmuz 2009
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    Software Engineer
    Web Sitemiz: http://genesis-online.eu/
    Cap: 110
    Exp Oranı: 50
    SP Oranı: 50
    Drop Oranı: 5
    İtem Satışı: Yok
    Free Silk: Yok
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    Our team contains former players that have experienced a lot of private servers in the past, therefore learning from others mistakes and trying to create a pleasant enviroment for everyone to enjoy.That's we are bringing to you Genesis Online, a balanced and well developed server that should fit any player out there.

    Server will open Friday 05.12.2014 at 20:00 Server Time.(Check the website for that)

    Genesis Online


    Genesis Forum

    •Server Rates/Features:
    •EXP: 50X
    •Item/Gold drop rate: 5x
    •IP Limit 2
    •SRO-R Skill system
    •Auto equipment
    •Balanced end-game system
    •Battle Arena
    •Academy disabled
    •Balanced stacks (details below)
    •Constantinople Fortress
    •Special NPCs for doing trades are enabled only in Jangan, DW and Hotan.
    •Oldschool cape PvP system
    •Silk per Hour
    •Automatic Guild level up
    •Automatic Job Reward
    •Guild Limit
    •Union Limit
    •Unlimited union chat authority

    • Start Items:
    - The starter items contain the following: 28 Days pick pet, 20 reverse scrolls, 1000 HP&MP potions, 20 speed potions and 5Milion SP, this means you will not need to farm at all!

    • Silkroad-R Skill System and Balance changes:
    Knowing how strong european characters can be against chinese chars, we've decided to take a different approach.For that we have merged the Cold/Lightning/Fire masteries into one, giving you a lot more defense as well as damage, however the mastery limit was restricted to 220.

    • Other skill balances:
    • Chinese Characters:
    - The skills damage has been increased by 10%.
    • European Characters:
    - Bless spell has been changed in a way that if you will cast it and switch your weapon, it will dissapear, however if you are in a party, the party members will still have it.
    - Black Res: Duration has been reduced 30Seconds and cooldown increased to 2Minutes.
    - Warrior Screens: Physical/Morale screens defense has been reduced by 50%, while Ultimate Screen's defense has been reduced by 70%, however the 2Minutes cooldown remains.
    - Warlock Skills: The percentage ( % ) damage has been increased by 30%.This does not mean that debuff skills have received a buff, only the attack skills that deal damage.

    • Automatic Equipment:
    - Starting from D1 and up to D10 included, you will receive Seal of Moon +5 full blue items, which makes it easier to level, because we all know that no one enjoys a slow leveling phase.

    •Custom Job System:
    - By jobbing, you will be rewarded with a fair amount of gold as well as Job Points.The points are used mainly for special end-game items, as well as some cosmetics, which will increase later on.
    - The job materials will require you job points in order to purchase them, that is why, to have points, you will have to participate in the Job Battle Arena, rewards for that will be posted below.
    - We know that the higher degree, the higher damage there is, therefore we have increased the HP of job transports to make it a little more fun to do job activities.

    • Battle Arena:
    • Battle Arena is one of the main features that plays a important role in obtaining end-game items as well as different cosmetics.
    • Schedule and Rewards:
    - Regular and Job Battle Arena are set every 2hours, each of them being at a different hour, this means they will not overlap and you can play one after another.
    - Rewards: Regular Battle Arena will reward you with 7 Arena Coins for winning and 3 Arena Coins for losing.Job Battle Arena will reward you with 10 Job Points+10 Arena Coins for winning and 3 Job Points+3 Arena Coins for losing.

    • Items Stacks:

    • Items Balance:
    - HP Grains and Vigor Grains have been nerfed from 25% to 15%.

    • Silk per Hour:
    - Every hour, you will be receiving 1 silk, with no limits per day.

    • Automatic Guild level up:
    - Right after creating your guild, it will automatically become level 5, therefore you don't need to increase it yourself.

    • Guild Limit:
    - The guild members limit is now set to 32 Members, seeing as this feature is popular and the players enjoy it, we've decided to implement it as well.

    • Unlimited union chat authority:
    - We have removed the limit of 11 players being able to have the authority, now the guild master can easily distribute the union chat authority to anyone without having to remove from others.

    We are looking forward to seeing all of you in game and hopefully enjoy what we've worked on.

    # DoctorDDoS.com
    - Selling HyperFilter protected IPs with pSRO anti-exploit filter, Contact missing.input @ skype
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