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Deus D13 pvp Server Free silk Free gold Alot of players

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    9 Haziran 2012
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    Nesro Server Was PVE but we changed it to PVP
    Iam sure u will like it
    If You Need Any Help Inside PM ME At [GM] x0x
    Auto Spawn Uniques Everyday - And Pvp Events
    Meet The Roc 1 Day Per Week For 1500 Silk Roc Killer Title
    PVP Event Every Month For Free Silks And Title PVP GOD-Another Groupvs Group Events
    Auto Hide & Seek ,Math Quetsions, Genral Quetsions ,Find The Unique Event .Last Man Standing
    Job Temple & Uniques Temple with
    Level cap: 130 Instant With 10 M SP
    Fortress War: Tax System Is Working Now With 2k Coins Prize
    Battle Arena: Yes
    Job level cap 7 Active 24/7 Our Server Goal .
    Egy Items At Shop for 1 gold
    2 Avatars are free for 1 gold
    Sun items for arena coins or droped from Uniques /Npc Thiefs/Hunters
    Alchmey Rate 3x
    Free 650 Silk As A STart Beside Silk Items .Perinum/Pet/Devil/Attack Pet/Angel Spirit/10M

    Our Last Update

    - Added Fellow pets to item mall
    - Added D8-11 Legendary weapon! (Screenshots attached)
    - I've also added A New System .each player will recieve 5 silks for every single hour that he is online
    - Cleaned the server logs / useless accounts.
    - Kidemonas (arabic unique)
    - Global chattings is 20 globals per purchase
    - 650 Silks To Every New Account
    - Jangan shop fixed/re-organized
    - Downhang shop fixed/re-organized
    - 20 globals per package instead of 11 (price highered a bit)
    - Removed 4732 accounts WITHOUT character
    - Registration open again

    [​IMG] (Required to play) (Required to play) (Required to play)

    Upcoming Update

    1-NEW Town SYSTEM Thats will be beside fw too
    Its (Town War) @ Hotan all the guilds will fight for hotan and who got it will get everything from hotan free also who buy anything from hotan the gold will go to occuping guild
    2-Also We Prepareing now for islamic/arabic race Thats will be Exclusive for us 2 new races will be added 1 str and 1 int both will be helaers
    3- 2 New Avatars They are our own avatarsN p.S Have them Because they Made By Us 1- Green Hulk Avatar 2- Battman for male Barbie For Female
    4- We Will Add Unique LVL130 Battman

    Here is the Download Links media pk data pk particles

    Reg From Here

    NeSRO Games - Registration

    here f You Wanna See Our Comunity at forum

    NeSRO Games community forums
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    3 Ocak 2009
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    Arkadaş gevur heralde 3 konu açmış hic biri dogru yere degil :D