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I. Intro
II. LVL 80 Bicheon
III. LVL 80 Lightning
IV. LVL 80 Fire
V. LVL 80 Cold
VI. Lvl 80 Gear
VII. LVL 90 Intro
VIII.LVL 90 Bicheon
IX. LVL 90 Cold
X. LVL 90 Lightning
XI. LVL 90 Fire
XII. Lvl 90 Alternative
XIII. Lvl 90 Gear
XIV. Stats
XV. How To Use
XVII. SP Recap
XVIII. Lvl 100

I. Intro:
of all, this is my very first guide. I made this guide basically
because there are no current and up to date guides about a s/s hybrid
nuker, and as my favorite class, I want to make one. I could choose to
hide my build because I love it, but this game isn’t that difficult
after you play it for a while, and there are hardly any secrets...
do crticize my guide and give me feedback, good and bad so i can
improve and update it, give your opinion and thoughts, but do it all in
a civilized manner.

For planning purposes, extra help with balances, sp, farming and just character planning in general, see
lvl 90, your going to ditch your 8th degree protector for 9th degree
garms. Now that you have cold lvl 90 and all that bonus physical
defense, you can wear garms to compensate for the loss of the magic
defense buff in the fire tree. Garms also have 20% moving speed and 20%
mana reduction, both of these help. First you will be super fast, not
to run, but to hunt down your cowardly foes as they flee from your
unstoppable rampage!!!!!:). The mana reduction also helps a lot because
mana is very important when you have snow shield on and your getting
hit a lot, nukes are mana heavy and you really don’t want to run out of
mana. In every way possible, at lvl 90, garments compliment your

XIV. Stats
still a nuker, so your still mostly int. I suggest keeping your magic
balance between 85%and 90% WHEN YOUR NAKED!!!. Always determine your
balances naked, never with any bonus to stats. Decide what you want,
more magic attack, and magic defense and mp, or more physical attack,
phy defense, and hp, and then adjust your balance between 85% and 90%
accordingly. If your magic balance goes too much above 90%, you become
a weak hybrid and too much like pure int, more like a confused hybrid.

lvl 90, as brought up by [AoW]ForLife, dropping fire is a significant
loss of damage, and as a result I would like to add that for lvl 90,
there should be a bigger focus for a higher magic balance. The extra
int will help your damage. I was thinking of possibly 10-15lvls of str
at lvl 90 is gona be adequate enough hybrid without losing too much
damage from int.

XV. How To Use

can not tell you how to use your character, instead I will just give
advice and tell what I do, hopefully you will read it and use some of
it to make your own style. Its very hard to screw up using skills while
grinding or pvp.

grinding, you should be using nukes MOST OF THE TIME. Against a single
monster, use a nuke, and depending on how much damage you do is gona
decide your next move. If your nuke does most of their hp, use one or 2
lion shouts. If you find 2 lion shouts is not enough damage, then I
suggest using 2 nukes, and if 2 nukes are overkill, use one powerful
nuke and a flame wave bomb nuke (fast but weaker) If you do not have
flame wave bomb, and 2 nukes seems over kill but 2 lion shouts leaves
some alive, I suggest different mobs. Ideally, as a nuker you can be
fighting high orange / red mobs. Grinding is all about grinding
EFFICIENCY, without grinding efficiency, you will lvl much slower.
Killing with 2 nukes is ideal, its still a fast kill, and the mobs
should be a good deal higher, so u get good exp. An occasional lion
shout after 2 nukes is fine, but you don’t want to be 3 or 4 nuking
regular mobs. When you see a rather tight group of mobs, use a ghost
walk into the crowd, and use petal sword dance, this will agro at least
3 mobs to you and probably more because mobs close to the agroed mobs
now come. Then follow up with lightning nukes for radius damage, and
flame wave wide/burning (your fire nukes that hit multiple people) or
with your ice storms. You should quickly kill multiple enemies with
splash damage and roll in the exp. Nukers are great at crowd control
and with a shield, you shouldn’t have problems with mobs at higher
lvls. When it comes to party monsters and giants, use KDs and chains
because they have the largest source of damage, more than nukes (but
nukes start from a range, so using kd on every mob wastes time running
up to them to kd). The reason they do more damage is because kds hit
fast, and when the target is on the ground, you can follow up with
stabs which are really fast and powerful attacks. At lvl 80, spamming
kd and stabs on a giant kills it much faster than spamming nukes.
HOWEVER, use nukes on giants if other mobs are around, because area
damage will kill those mobs and you get basic free kills from your
radius damage while pounding a giant. Also, use lightning chain on
giants, casting division or bleed can be very helpful in taking it down

PvP is
your own style, do what you feel comfortable with, but KD’s in pvp are
the best. Use nukes sparingly. And don’t forget to use your ice shield
if you need to stay alive. Ignore the noobs who complain about it, they
just can’t stand not being able to kill a nuker in pvp.

XVI. SP Recap

I will compile all the sp amounts for you, so you can get the big
picture without scrolling through my overstuffed guide. The counts are
only approximate depending on if you want to follow some of the
economic alternatives to sp or not. Give or take some sp depending on
what you choose.

Lvl 80 cap:

Bicheon: 164,159

Lightning: 137,948

Fire: 163,106

Cold: 25,343

Total: 490,556

Lvl 90 Cap: from 0-90

Bicheon: 271,034

Cold: 285,295

Lightning: 260,347

Total: 816,676

BUT subtract the sp you get from fire, which is a minimum of 130,485sp if you use curst hearts for the whole thing.

you liked the guide, yes its long…sorry, but hopefully someone can come
in here, read it, and leave knowing exactly how to make a hybrid,
hopefully they don’t copy me 100%, uniqueness is what will excel your
character over everyone else’s. Most importantly, have fun with your
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