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Chaotic Silkroad New International Server !!!

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    17 Mart 2012
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    - Resim Silinmiş.​
    Now something about the server:​

    - Cap: 90
    - Exp/SP: x30
    - Party Exp/SP: x35
    - Max mastery: 300
    - vSRO files
    - Special Events !!!!
    - Our server is international respect !

    What new you can find in here?

    Grind till 80+ and drop "Hades coins" and buy some of rare items like new Sun 9dg items, or rare avatars, grab pets, items... etc

    New uniques in Qin Tomb: Apis, Sphinx, Horus, Sekhmet, Neith, Nepthys, Osiris, and some more!

    Kill Deamon and get his outfit, he can drop it when you kill him.

    1. Zeus coins - new Item Mall payment device.
    2. Elite mobs on whole map (you can drop zeus coins from them).
    4. New alchemy rates.
    5. ADV B grade normal and SoX for Zeus coins.
    7. Increase Item drop rate to x20 and gold drop to x15.
    8. Guild and union emblems.
    9. New website design.(coming soon)
    10. Donate system.
    11. New 9DG Sun items models, one of them (2H sword) :

    - Resim Silinmiş.​

    How to play?

    1. Go to Register, and make new account.
    2. Then go to Download page, and download newest Client.
    3. Now just log to the game and have fun!
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