18 Temmuz 2007
Hello everyone.

Im sick and tired of what most of the users are doing
They dont respect shit and they turn around more then a freaking whore does on bed.

Ever since we started this forum
Wich my team said to me NOT to do wich i should have listened to
I gave everyone shit that worked and i gave up all my spare time to support and help everyone possible
Even the most stupid questions were solved .

I did what i do best,
Giving and helping and no one here gives a shit.
When something works everyone goes like ooo ur the best blablabla i dont give a **** ok ?
When something stops working and needs a fix you all start scolding and pushing me
I had my patience with everyone, and i kept my cool no matter what the situation was.

But im truly tired of this bullshit.
I get home from work get online and get my shit done so you can all be happy
Meanwhile all i get is shit from you,
Ive taken enough , and im done with this.
The team will continue private, on irc chan's.

We will not give anything anymore.
The only ones getting our cracks and work is my real friends my sro friends
And the team itself.

Oh if your wondering what will happen ?
I will propably delete all members and all info, delete the whole content
And propably start something i like on another server .

To the team!
The private board will remain open
The source codes will stay on all of it including the reversed codes.
We will continue development as we do, and we will keep it on that forum

Ok everyone
Whoever wants to thank me for helping them can do so and reply here.
Whoever doesnt give a shit goodbye
And to those that made the process such a ****ed up one , well i think the others can thank them for me.


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