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BlueMoon Online Reborn l Cap 110 l D11 l New System | Balanc

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    28 Ekim 2009
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    Web Sitemiz: http://bluemoonsro.com/

    Client İndirme Linki: http://bluemoonsro.com/

    Cap: 110

    Exp Oranı: x55

    SP Oranı: x65

    Drop Oranı: x4

    İtem Satışı: Yok

    Free Silk: Yok

    Serverımız Hakkında:

    Opening Date : 24/03/2015 19:30 (Gmt +2)

    | Welcome to BlueMoon • International server |
    where nothing is impossible!
    Have you always been searching for a reliable server with an active customer support and owner? Then you're on the right place!
    After almost exactly a year since last server went offline we are now back with a more polished server and a eager to satisfy the community with a stable and professionally handled server with much more editions for more and better efficient gameplay
    our server made just for the players to have fun it's not pay to play server also you can't count on bot all the time
    What makes us so special?
    We offer you a longterm server, with a reliable admin and updates on a regular basis (There will be updates weekly to add new features, content and also editing)

    First I Want To Tell You About Us.
    My Name Is Mahmoud l LegendKnight
    Im A Young Man , 19 Years Old
    My english is not perfect
    Usually I Work Alone becuase I Can't Find Any Smart Trusted One To Help Me. But I Find One "Junkle" And I Begin To Teach Him From 2 Months Ago.
    My Area Of Expertise Is Generally Speaking :
    Database Manger
    Pk2 Editor
    Php Coder
    C# Coder
    Beginner Designer
    by the way i learn all of them before silkroad from my old brother who i give all Achievement To Him . He Was The Smartest Person I Met. I Ask The God To Forgive Him.
    [Note]The Topic Not Completly

    Before Begin we Should Thank This Persons For Helping

    Mr.X |Very Helpful And Kind Person I Love Him.
    Junkle |Very Helpful And Kind Person I Love Him.
    Chernobyl|For Release Vsro Server Files.
    LastThief|Some Helpful Programs.
    Eric1337|I Love This Bitch.
    A.k.a And His Team|I do not like his personality, but I must thank him for the wonderful ideas that they contain their games.​

    [Table="head"]In Game Info|Value
    Level cap |110.
    Gear cap|11th degree.
    Skill cap|110.
    Max Plus|+12 [ No Adv ].
    Server files|VSRO.
    Races|Chinese l Europe.
    Silk per hour|5 silk per hour lvl 110 required.
    Sox Type|11D EGY A , EGY B & EGY C.
    EXP Rate|90x.
    Alchemy Rate|1.5x.
    Job Rate|120x.
    Gold Drop Rate|5x.
    Auto Equip|Until 9th degree.
    IP Limit|3.

    Register - Not Available Now
    Facebook Page

    Opening Date : 24/03/2015 19:30 (Gmt +2)

    Lets Begin Our Journey

    [GALLERY=title: BlueMoon Fresh Start]
    [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/3sBld.jpg, title: Create Char
    [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/aCpmg.jpg, title: Fresh Start
    The Fresh Start Contains The Next :
    Start Items :-
    60% Exp. Helper
    100% Exp. Helper
    150% Exp. Helper
    200% Exp. Helper
    HP Recovery Potion (xx-Large) ----- [ Unlimited ]
    MP Recovery Potion (xx-Large) ----- [ Unlimited ]
    Reverse Return Scroll ----- [ Unlimited ]
    Instant Return Scroll ----- [ Unlimited ]

    #1 Newibe Help Skill

    #2 New Facebook System
    You Must Collect Likes To Get [Speed Of Love] Achievement

    #3 Small Quest
    Until Now The Game So Easy
    You Have To Kill 20 Mob Level 1 To Complete This Quest

    Lets Show The World That We Are The Best

    #1 Achievement Mastery
    [GALLERY=title: Achievement Mastery]
    #2 D11 Egy Grade (C)
    First How To Get ?!
    If Item +0 ~ +4 This Skills Will Be Level 1
    If Item +5 ~ +9 This Skills Will Be Level 2
    If Item +10 ~ +12 This Skills Will Be Level 3

    The New :
    [GALLERY=title: BlueMoon Egy (C) Skills]
    [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/4Slfe.jpg, title: Egy C Skills
    [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/HJRrb.jpg, title: Egy C Skills
    [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/IEh1h.jpg, title: Egy C Skills
    [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/kvZog.jpg title: Egy C Skills
    [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/dzt7c.jpg, title: Egy C Skills
    [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/sy0uf.jpg, title: Egy C Skills
    [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/kXG9h.jpg, title: Egy C Skills
    [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/gb2ch.jpg, title: Egy C Skills
    [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/eUISg.jpg, title: Egy C Skills
    [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/kYDxf.jpg, title: Egy C Skills
    [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/0spMg.jpg, title: Egy C Skills
    [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/574mb.jpg, title: Egy C Skills

    #3 Additional JobSuits
    We have added additional jobsuits to ensure differentiation between players and their joblevel. These are based on different jobbing components which you will learn about further on. However, we would just like to state that we
    have a wide range of alternative jobsuits available for purchase for simple Silk at the usual NPCs.

    There are 5 different job suits for each job guild. They are restricted by joblevels, you will be able to buy a new one
    at job level 1,10,20,30 and 40.
    As your job suit improves, the job skills on them improve as well.
    The screenshots below will make it easier to understand.

    With Skill's Like :

    #4 Plvling Reward
    Every Level Up You Will Take Silks AS Your Level And Golds As Your Level*100k
    And Every 2 Levels You Will Get 1 Inventory Slot Opened
    • Level 101 Have Special Gifts.
    • Level 110 Have Special Gifts.

    #5 Reach Level 110 Event.
    The First Player To Reach Level 110 Will Rewarded With 1000 Silk
    And Every One Will Reach The Level The Reward Will Reduce With 2 Silks

    #5 Reach Job Level 40Event.
    You Wanna The Fame !!!

    #6 Money Maker.
    It's An Simple System Which Based On Gold Amount
    The Char Who Have The Higher Amount Of Gold Will Be The Money Maker With " [$$$] " Before His Charname
    Server Will Notice Every Moneymaker Char Change.

    #7 Uniques Give Silks.
    It's An Simple System Which Based On Uniques Hunting
    Every Unique Killed Give His Killer Amount Of Silk.

    #8 Pk punishment.
    Alot Of ppl Hate The Pk.
    So We Make A Small punishment For It.
    The punishment Based On The Times Of Pk.
    Every 5 Pk He Will Take Block For A Fixed Time.
    At The First 5 The Punshiment Will Be Block 1 Day.
    At The Next 5 The Punshiment Will Be Block 2 Day.

    #9 Permanent Buffs.
    It's an awesome feature and will make your life a lot easier.
    These are your normal every-day buffs that you usually have. However, now they are real buffs. You actually have them "on" the whole time, no matter if you die, teleport or go Away from the keyboard. You will still have them.
    Works On Chinese Skills Becuase There's Not A Skills At Europe Like This

    #10 Marriage System.
    We love marital life
    So You Can Marry And Play With Your Partner :D
    How To Do !!
    1- You Can Marry Be Message System
    Send Message To "IWantToMarry"
    With Info "Charname"
    2-This Feature Avilable For 110 Chars Only
    3-You Can Marry Just 1 Time
    4-Its Cost 1000 Silks
    5-You Will Get A Pet Which Have Your Partner Body.
    6-So It Will Trace You Where Ever You Go.
    Don't Be Naughtiest.

    #11 Awaken System.
    Your Way To Get Egy B (Nova)

    Old But You May Don't Know !!

    #1 New Elixirs


    #2 Wanted System ' Hero Mode '

    -Another awesome feature & idea.
    We have made a Hero mode that will allow you to
    receive some certain buffs for killing enemy players
    from an opponent job union. The starts you will get
    are % physical and magical damage, % Parry and
    Attack rate and % lucky increase. Also you will get
    str & int based on the hero mode level.

    There are 5 kind of buffs:
    15 Kills in row = 1%
    30 Kills in row = 2%
    50 Kills in row = 3%

    Cheating ?
    - You wont get any kills count from the same person
    more than 3 times.
    - You can only earn points by killing players at
    Donwhang east
    - You have to kill players 105+ in order to get points
    - If you die while jobbing your hero mode skill will be
    tacken away from you.

    #3 Plus Notice

    From +8 To +12

    #4 Hero System

    There's Roc Apper At Roc Room 1 Time Per Week
    This Roc Drop [ Bluemoon Hero Scroll ]
    After You Active This Scroll You Will Find An Notice Say That You Are Now The Hero Of The Game
    And At Every Log in And Log Out For You
    You Will Find Notice Say That You Are Log in Or Log Out
    Roc Apper 1 Time Per Week
    Teleport To His Room From Vetrans City
    Try To Kill Him
    It Will Drop Vetrans Hero Scroll
    Pick Up It If You Are The Killer :D
    After You Active The Scroll
    If You Are The First Hero You Will Find Notice Say :-
    If You Are The Same Hero Of The Last Week
    If You Take The Hero From Another Player
    And Every Login Or Log Off For The Hero
    You Will Find This Notice

    #5 Titles System
    You Can Change Your Title To Any Title After Reaching Count - Chief General Titles Or Any Event Title.
    Big Boy
    Trolling Guy
    Not Bad !
    Fantastic Slayer !
    Dark Assassin !
    The Forgotten One
    Love Fool
    One Man Army
    Emerald Dream
    Mr. Awesome
    Hand of God
    Dark Warrior
    Legendary Knight
    The Dark End
    Hidden Hero
    Silent Killer​

    #6 1st Jobber
    The name is actually kind of "over-the-top". It works pretty easy: You become the best jobber overall meaning the highest job level with the best items and you will receive the tag: [#1] inside your jobname & receive the Title:
    Reason: Everyone loves fame, the more you can get, the better it is.

    #7 Send Item
    If The Item Not Trade Game Will Chat You
    If No Charname With The Name That You Write Will Chat You
    If No Item At The First Slot At Your Inventory Game Will Chat You
    If No Free Slot At The Other Player Inventory Game Will Chat You
    If All Things Right And The Item Sent Game Will Chat You

    #8 Removes
    You Can Remove Premium Or Godblessing For Free
    Just Open New Message
    Send It To "Remove"
    With Info "Godbless" Or "Premium"

    #1 Premium
    If You Haven't Active Premium System Will Chat You

    #2 Godbless
    If You Haven't Active Godbless System Will Chat You

    #9 Move Active Premium Or Godbless
    You Can move Active Premium Or Godblessing For Free To Another Char
    Just Open New Message
    Send It To "MovePremium" Or "MoveGodbless"
    With Info "Charname"
    This Feature Only For Extra Godbless And Vetrans Premium

    #1 Premium
    If You Haven't Active Premium System Will Chat You
    If The Other Char Active One System Will Chat You

    #2 Godbless
    If You Haven't Active Godbless System Will Chat You
    If The Other Char Active One System Will Chat You

    #10 Guild Start Level 5

    About Beta
    As you all know,we’re trying to offer you as players a fair gameplay without any bugs or problems.Therefore,we’re opening the server Beta for 1~2 day to let you all help us make sure there are no bugs/problems,and have an overall look at our system.A reward will be given to people who report anything they find such as bugs..
    How To Report !

    At The End I Want To Explain That I'm Not Professional Theards Maker.
    But I Think That I'm Proffesional At Coding :D