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    11 Kasım 2007
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    Please report this bug to Joymax using the bug report system:
    Exploit to block all player in an academy from joining the server. If an academy has a player that you hate and you happen to have a useless level 40+ (graduated) that deleveled below level 40 and you join there academy while they already have the limit of 2 assistant in the academy, everyone in that academy will have there account blocked and won't be able to play until Joymax fix the bug or until someone connect with a clientless to leave the academy.
    The error is created because a level below level 40 can join as a normal player though if he deleveled from higher level then 40, he will have an assistant position even if the limit of 2 assistants in an academy as been reached and if there is 3 assistants in an academy, everyone in the academy there sro_client will crash.
    Be careful while inviting people in your academy.
    Please note there 2 level associated to a player in the academy, the real level and the max level before deleveling. Which you just see same value twice for those that don't delevel.

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