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Apollo 10dg CHN PVP

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    1 Mayıs 2008
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    Near Bad Girls
    Apollo Update 10Degree Chinesse Only

    Apollo server from Seidenkraft is being updated on November 23 from 9D classic gameplay in to 10D Fun PvP server. New players will start fresh and will still have the possibility to compete with the veterans, and of course the old players will have a different gameplay which couldn’t be experienced before.

    What will this Update consist of?
    For everyone that is used to the classic gameplay that Apollo bringed in the past with 8D cap and 9D cap ,that will change with the next 10D cap. The gameplay itself will go in another direction in this way. Instant LvL 100, why? Even dough grinding and lvling is a part of the game, we want the new players to get in the action as soon as possible. The main 2 activities that we want people to focus are the following: Battle Arena, where you will be able to get SoS Items(that will be valuable with this update), Moon and SuN ( only accessories ) and other items. Jobs will be the main way of income. Because gold will be harder to obtain in other ways, we will increase the jobbing reward and we will focus on many events regarding that aspect, so that nobody will be disadvantaged (hunter, thief or trader).
    The other 2 activities that will be more popular are: The Fortress War, the first Saturday and the second Tuesday. The other one will be Alchemy. It won’t be easier, but it will be much more relevant this time around because of the adding of Awaken Stone. The only way to obtain a SoS item will be through Battle Arena, the only way to obtain a Moon item will be by using a Awaken Stone(that will drop from Uniques)on your +8 SoS item. The same rule applies to SuN items as well, you have to use awaken on a minimum +8 Moon item, so alchemy will be a key factor indeed. These rules apply for 10D items only.To use awaken on a 9D SUN the item must be +12 and it will be converted in SoS +3.

    LvL and items
    Every player, old or new, will start with the instant lvl 100 and with 3 million skill points and for the old players a mastery reset. Every new character will receive a standard 10D set. The SoS items you will be able to gain ONLY at the Battle Arena for arena coins. Seal of Moon and Seal of Sun will be made only trough awaken stone. Awaken stones will be dropped from Uniques with very small rates. Items WON’T drop from any mob or uniques.

    Gold and Jobs
    The gold drop rate will be lowered from 5x to 3,5x and the Trade Job will be increased in the way that you can purchase more trade goods, higher the risk, higher the reward, and we will increase the rates as well . In other words, we will focus more on Jobbing to gain gold than the usual botting. We will also decrease the gold in the server by a small percentage to equalize the gold value and stabilize the economy.

    Battle Arena, Fortress War
    Battle Arena. We want to focus and promote Battle Arena more in this upcoming update and it will be the main point at the beginning for almost everyone, because that is the way you will be able to get Seal Of Star. How does it work?
    • A battle arena match is announced by a notice message every 15 minutes for 1 hour.
    • Depending on what type of battle you want to participate: Capture The Flag or Point ( kill the other team’s players and the mobs around you to gain points) and different ways to register:
    JOB- you must wear a job suit, register and you will be appointed randomly
    Party- you must form or be in a party and the party leader will register
    Guild- you must be in a guild and the guild master will register at least 16 people.
    Random- You join individually and participate randomly.
    • The reward is an amount of Arena Coins which you will be able to trade for SOS items. You will be rewarded even if you lose but it is not a significant reward.
    Fortress War will be 2 times a week. Jangan , Hotan and Bandit with 20% tax.


    We will have weekly pvp tournaments and many other pvp events such as:
    • Regular PVP
    • Guild vs Guild
    • Guid Hero ( guild representative fights with other guilds representatives in a pvp showdown with huge gold rewards)
    • Party vs Party
    • Last Man Standing

    Start Items for New Players

    • 10D equip items
    • 3 days grab pet
    • 5 reverse return scrolls
    • 5 damage increase scrolls
    • 5 damage absorption scrolls
    • transport and vehicle pets
    • Fireworks

    Register/Download/Website: http://seidenkraft.com/?from=51144
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    16 Kasım 2009
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    Tam olarak pwp sw'si sayılmaz..

    Yeni char açanlar 1 Lw'den başlıyor ne item veriyor nede gold.

    Eski charları olanları 100 Lw'e uplamışlar.

    Yani kısacası oyuna 0'dan başlıcaksanız böyle saçma bir sistemli sw'e başlamayın :)