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Ambition Online |110 Cap| 125 Skill Effects | D13/D14 | Arab

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    1 Mayıs 2008
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    Near Bad Girls
    Ambition Online - Final Release


    Latest Updates
    • Sun Items can be purchased with Gold and Silver Coins
      Gold and Silver coins are available at the Alchemy NPC
      Elixirs prices adjusted
      Job Rates will be increased
      100% Powders will be deleted from Item Mall
      Silk Price for Premium will be lowered
      Silk Prices will be lowered
      Several Fixes


      Starting Level: Instant 101
      Cap: 110
      Skills: 110
      Items: D13/D14
      Mastery cap: Ch: 330 | EU: 220
      Serverfiles: VSRO files
      ExpRatio: x400
      ExpRatioParty: x450
      AlchemyRate: x2
      Bot: Yes

      If you are searching for a Private Server to play and have FUN at, Ambition is the way to go.
      • Website:
      • Register:

        What can you expect?
        • A Professional Team
        • Cheap Silk
        • Daily Events
        • Weekly PvP Events
        • Academy Buffs by Job Ranking
        • Newest Updates
        • Custom Titles
        • A lot of Fun

        Most Amazing Features:
        • Roc Stones [Sleep/Stun etc.] adjusted for D11/D13/D14
        • D13 SoS drops at Arabian Mobs
        • D13 Moon drops at Special Uniques
        • Arabian Mobs at Jangan
        • New Effects of 125 Skills
        • D13 & D14 Items/alchemy
        • Silk Per hour
        • Custom Titles
        • Battle Arena/Fortress War working
        • Newest Fellow Pets
        • All the Items has been adjusted
        • Skills has been balanced
        • All the avatars available
        • Daily Events
        • New Towns
        • Kidemonas (arabian unique)
        • Fair Silk Prices
        • 24/7 stable Server
        • Stackable Elixirs/Stones
        Starter Items
        - Resim Silinmiş.

        New Quest
        -for now just a Unique Quest, more will follow

        PvP Area
        - Resim Silinmiş.
        Unique Arena
        - Resim Silinmiş.
        Arabian Mobs
        - Resim Silinmiş.

        New Stones/Starter Items/Items for Coins/NPC's
        - Resim Silinmiş.

        New Skills
        - Resim Silinmiş.

        Item Mall
        - Resim Silinmiş.

        Starting Point
        - Resim Silinmiş.

        • Arena: Every 2 Hours
        • Fortress War: Every Thursday at 7:30pm (GMT +1)
        • PvP Event (Honor Rank): Every Friday

        Server Specification
        • Host Location: Europe (Germany)
        • Intel Xeon
        • 1gbps

        Download Links

        • FULL CLIENT
        • Rapidshare: Link
        • BayFiles: Link
        • Google Drive: Link
        • Deposit Files: Link

          Media.pk2 + Client
        • Google Drive: Link
        • Rapidshare: Link
        • Deposit Files: Link

    I highly recommend to download the Full Client else erros may appear.

    If you have any Question, feel free to ask 'em.

    So far, waiting for you :wink1:

    KISACA Tanıtım

    - Server jop üzerine kuruludur JG-HOTAN arası 5* = 6B
    - D13- D14 Sun itemler Gold ve Silver Coin karşılığı satılmaktadır
    - Gold goin tanesi 1b Silver Coin 500m
    - 1 SaaT= 1Silk
    - 101Lv Egypt A FB +0 itemler Free
    - Egypt B itemler ve Fellow petler Arena Coin karşılığı satılıyor.
    - ADV +2 Arena Coin karşılığı satılmaktadır

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